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Urban Darkness Part 14

ID: 13790
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 14: Semi-electronic, pulsating synth, orch...

Urban Darkness Part 15

ID: 13791
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 15: Dark e-piano, deep cello, semi-electro...

Urban Darkness Part 16

ID: 13792
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 16: Rich percussion, both electronic and o...

Urban Darkness Part 17

ID: 13793
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 17: Lighter orchestra - building up, revel...

Urban Darkness Part 18

ID: 13794
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 18: Deep Boom, metallic sounds, brooding a...

Urban Darkness Part 19

ID: 13795
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 19: Drone, sparse percussion, deep horns, ...

Urban Darkness Part 20

ID: 13796
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 20: Chase, battle, conflict - industrial p...

Urban Darkness Part 21

ID: 13797
Bjorn Lynne / Urban Darkness series, Part 21: Fast, battle, sweeps and pulses, elect...

Urban Takedown

ID: 13798
Bjorn Lynne / Fast moving chase or battle track, using orchestral elements blended w...

Urgent News

ID: 13799
Bjorn Lynne / Urgent News: Breaking news. Incoming information. Business update.Stoc...


ID: 13801
Bjorn Lynne / A very slow moving ambient track, like oozing, sticky, floating, slowl...

Windows to Life

ID: 13803
Bjorn Lynne / Melancholic, piano based soundtrack with strings. A sense of longing, ...


ID: 13805
Bjorn Lynne / Solar wind, mysterious drone, spacey echoes accompany a sparse and und...


ID: 13809
Bjorn Lynne / Over half an hour (30 min, 12 secs) continuous relaxation music. Spiri...

Under the Sea

ID: 13811
Bjorn Lynne / This track plays for a full 60 minutes continuously. Relaxing, refresh...

Dark Ages Place of Tragedy

ID: 14161
Bjorn Lynne / A very dark semi-orchestral film score backdrop filled with personal t...

Dark Ages Meeting

ID: 14160
Bjorn Lynne / Drama film score background. Piano, cello and acousticguitar. Low inte...

Dark Ages Hall of the King

ID: 14159
Bjorn Lynne / Very low profile, dark musical underscore. Dark piano, cello, strings,...

Dark Ages Death Moon

ID: 14158
Bjorn Lynne / Deep, dark drone with rattling woodchimes and a lonecello. Dark, myste...

Dark Ages Battle Echoes

ID: 14157
Bjorn Lynne / Dark, ominous orchestral underscore. Slow battle drum,french horn, lik...

Desolate City Loops

ID: 13903
Bjorn Lynne / Futuristic, dark and menacing sci-fi or horrorunderscore. Synth pads, ...

Disturbed Mind Loops

ID: 13906
Bjorn Lynne / Menacing, dark ambient sound collage. Ice cold soundtexture suggesting...

Dream Bell Loops

ID: 13909
Bjorn Lynne / There is something strangely reassuring and comforting about the compl...
Yann Keerim