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Everybody Get Down

ID: 69693
Dean Wagg / Super funky old school nineties R&B influenced hip-hop soul which soun...

Fast and Furious

ID: 69694
Dean Wagg / Fast, frenetic & epic sound track dominated by drums & percussion. A h...

Funk Soul Summer

ID: 69695
Dean Wagg / Light, uplifting & fun soul which sounds like James Brown or Marvin Ga...

Funky Feet

ID: 69696
Dean Wagg / Catchy funky pop which combines grooving bass guitar, trumpets & horns...

Future Sexy Blues

ID: 69697
Dean Wagg / ‘Future Sexy Blues’ is a fast, high energy contemporary e...

Get Up And Go

ID: 69698
Dean Wagg / Guitar led pop which is high energy, upbeat & positive. A crunching gu...

Girls and Boys

ID: 69699
Dean Wagg / ‘Girls & Boys’ is an energetic hybrid of three styles â...

Life Uplifting

ID: 69714
Dean Wagg / Happy & upbeat electro pop tune which also features grand piano & orch...

Love In The Summer

ID: 69715
Dean Wagg / Funky electro pop with a hint of dance/trance. Built around an irres...

Robot Disco Funk

ID: 69716
Dean Wagg / Funky disco pop electronica which sounds like Daft Punk meets Bruno Ma...

Rock It Out

ID: 69718
Dean Wagg / Rock It out is hard and nu-metal heavy rock, in the style of nu-meta...

Scuzz Ball

ID: 69719
Dean Wagg / ‘Scuzz’ Ball is a fast and frenetic rock track featuring ...

Soul Power

ID: 69720
Dean Wagg / High Energy, super cool & funky soul/R&B in the style of James Browns ...

Sultry Blues

ID: 69723
Dean Wagg / Slow, Smoking, Sexy bar room, live band blues featuring lead guitar, b...

Summer Sun

ID: 69724
Dean Wagg / Happy, romantic & uplifting acoustic pop, featuring acoustic guitar, u...

The Cool Kids

ID: 69736
Dean Wagg / ‘The Cool Kids´ is a modern contemporary electro rock song â...

Wannabe Be A Rock Star

ID: 69740
Dean Wagg / ‘Wannabe Be a Rock Star’ is a super-cool hybrid of electr...

We Must Fly

ID: 69742
Dean Wagg / Epic, widescreen large scope cinematic trailer suitable for that block...
Yann Keerim