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289 Blue Sky no leads

A beautiful, energetic and really original track, featuring strings in pizzicato, electric guitars, violin solo, ukulele, percussion, glockenspiel. A great asset for advertising, promos, etc.

Kingdom of Battles

Epic film score with a bombastic orchestral arrangement, strings, choir and a driving beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

The Heart Is Touched By Love

Cinematic filmmusic with intense strings, dreamy voices and a big orchestra. Well suited for adventures, dramas and presentations.

The Universe

Hopeful film music with dramatic strings, floating synths and a gentle beat. For fateful, romantic and dramatic scenes.

That It Never Ends

Cheerful pop composition with playful e-guitars, bass guitar, organ, percussions and an casual beat. Great for presentations, image movies and many more.

Cloud Trip

Hopeful, positive film score with playful synths, floating strings, e-piano, xylophone, modern elements and a gentle beat. Perfect background music for reflective moments.

Temple Of Gods

Heroic orchestral filmmusic with a huge choir, impulsive strings and an epic feeling. Ideal as trailer music, for games or battle scenes.

Future Race

Uplifting Film music with modern synths, dramatic strings and athmospheric sounds. Perfect for racing themes, cars, technology.

Coming Home

Atmospheric, smooth news jingle with warm pads and hopeful brass.

The Black Mountain

Cinematic Filmmusic based on the famous badman movies. Sounds deep, epic and bright.

The Silver Wings

Modern, smooth dream house with warm pads, voices in the background, SFX sounds and an energetic beat. Summer feeling, party nights.

Enjoy The Day

Happy folk pop with funky guitars, groovy beats, positive piano melody and handclaps and a trumpet. Sounds light, easy and funny. Perfect for TV and commercials or even sitcoms.

A Transmission Of War

Exciting-dramatic film score with modern guitar riffs, monumental brass, choir, dramatic strings and an impulsive beat. Suspenseful, menacing and military.

The Cover Of The Magacine

Dance pop with a dreamy vocal, atmospheric synths, floating effects, slightly playful e-guitars and a straight beat.

Orchestral Corporate Intro (Cinematic Epic Inspiring Motivating Advertising)

An epic orchestral trailer music ideal for commercial use, advertisment, company representations and coporate web videos. Positive, uplifting, encouraging, proud, inspirational, patriotic, inspiring, glorious, brave, escalating, confident and motivating. Accomplishing success, building on intensity,...

Eastern World

The Sultan travels with his caravan through the desert. This picture comes directly in mind by listening to this track. Traditional instruments with impulsive timpani and ethnic flutes and strings. Perfect for adventure, documentaries and games.

Wake Up

Emotional pop rock with an optimistic male vocal, dreamy e-guitars, a subtle bassline and a groovy beat. Dreamy, thoughtful and inspirational.

Rock the Fashion

Indipendent distorted fashion rock with dirty vocals, rocking synths and fat drums. Modern synths, fat guitars are connected with modern dubstep elements. Great tune for fashion shows, lifestyle and dark situations. Sounds dirty and sexy.

Forgive Me Sister

Touching soft film music with a peaceful vibe. Lovely choir, and soulful orchestrations gives a calm and relaxing feeling. Well-suitetd for fantasy, documentations or games.


An inspiring, positive and uplifting, motivational track. A melodic, emotional and, beautiful piano is accompanied by a lush orchestra and light choirs to convey hope and inspiration. Elegant, emotive and powerful. SIMILAR COMPOSERS: Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, Thom...

Path to Success (No Crotales)

Driving rhythms underscore a nice piano theme supported by a delicate vibes motif in this contemporary business corporate presentation track. Works great also as quiet bed under news, weather, videogames, tv programming guides, application menus, decoder menus, etc.
Yann Keerim