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Company Ident B (Electro transition)

A collection of 7 "audio signatures" by Julio Kladniew. Jingles, idents, musical logos. Suitable for splash screens, intros, game shows and much more.

Evolving Mood (Transition)

A warm and smooth, sophisticated chillout groove. The rather sparse marimba opening issoon joined by the slowly swaying waves of a downtempo beat, lush stringsand swirling pads. Excellent for summer time, holiday, vacation and discovery.


Ambient - Experimental Suitable for Documentaries - TV - Film Album BLUR

Just for Her Transition

Piano tunes in diffferent versions Soft - sweet Suitable for advertising, transitions

Just for Her Transition B

Piano tunes in diffferent versions Soft - sweet Suitable for advertising, transitions

Crescendo Elegant Sfx

Electronic arpeggio suitable for corporate audio logos, technology videos / documentaries and even some games. Can be used as sound of a ringtone for mobile phones also.

Strings Solo Intro

Strings solo opener with a romantic and optimistic mood. Suitable in movie scenes, intros for various media productions. It's a short solo, no other instruments involved.

Sitcom In-Between Intro

Short introduction for sitcom scenes. It's a rock intro with electric guitar, bass and drums usable in videos and media applications.

Pleasant Short Classical

Short rather cheerful and in a good mood intro with classical instruments. I used samples of violin, string ensemble, cello. Usable as intro in video games, movie scenes, applications, apps.

Baroque Flute Intro

Baroque piece of classical music with flute, bass clarinet, tuba, expressing a feeling of angst, uneasiness.

Alone In The Universe - Intro

Sad and depressing piano short opener usable as scene transition background music in movies and documentaries. It sounds like the emptiness between the stars, the solitude of space, the loneliness of the universe.

Big Orchestral Opening

Disturbing strings opener with strings. I used samples of strins, violin, contrabass, zildjian crash and timpani. Useful in movie scenes, film trailers or such.

Frail Music Box - Opener

Fragile music box playin a short intro. Usable in movies, films, documentaries.

The Theory - Intro 2

Acoustic upright bass solo intro expressing manliness. suitable for scenes in movies or documentaries, but also in ads, advertising.

Upright Bass And Flute Intro

Acoustic bass and flute intro for movie / film scenes. It has a retro 60s / 70s vibe.

Beginnings Of The Cinema - Intro

Audio clip that you can put in the beginning of a documentary about the early cinematography era / silent movies, or even in an independent silent movie made in this era. I used a synth.

The Theory - Intro

Acoustic upright bass solo intro suitable for scenes in movies or documentaries, but also in ads, advertising.

In The Morning Rain

Solo piano, ambient, reflective and introspective, but constantly moving - as if your character is deliberating and coming to important life decisions. Easily edited for length, and melodic phrases are punctuated with pauses to allow for smooth transitions. Good for drama, romance, TV, light suspen...

Out Here On My Own

Very sparse, very tender, almost sad, almost childlike. Introspection and reflection are strongly supported in this cue. Gentle enough to allow dialogue to breathe, but complete enough to carry a quiet scene. Highly editable, and piano only and strings only tracks are presented as well. Last chord ...

B Movies 60s Opener

Strange sounding intro, kind of retro sixties b-rated movies. Usable in films, broadcasts, as an outro, intro, introduction, beginning, finale, opener, opening. I used only a synth preset, duplicated notes (on different octaves).
Yann Keerim