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Tales from Scotland 3

War music with dramatic orchestral development Sound score for Film and TV Celtic drums , Celtic percussions , orchestral underscore , bag pipes

Tales from Scotland 2

Celtic Dancing music developing in to orchestral score . Soundtrack for Film and TV Celtic percussions , orchestral underscore , flutes , Celtic guitars

Tales from Scotland 4

Gentle , melodic , orchestral underscore . Soundtrack for Film and TV Celtic guitars and flutes with orchestral instruments

Tales from Scotland 7

Hollywood style underscore with Celtic harmonies . Beautiful and melodic Soundtrack for Film and TV Choir ,full orchestral score .

Tales from Scotland 5

Dreamy ,adventures , developing in full Hollywood score Soundtrack for Film and TV Celtic percussions , flutes , bag pipes , guitars , orchestral underscore

Tales from Scotland 1

Gentle ,melodic , orchestral . Soundtrack For Film and TV Celtic instruments , choir , solo boy voice , harp , strings

Crooked Corsair Inn

A somewhat celtic sounding folk dance tune. Reminescent of medieval ages / middle ages, perhaps a gathering at the local inn, or just the musical backdrop to a historical / fantasy world. Think "Ye Olde Barrel", old England, Ireland or Scotland. Could also be a Pirates' drinking song.

Peg Legs Jig

A happy and light hearted jig. Good for fantasy and adventure, history, perhaps celtic / medieval / middle ages or just as a classic adventure romp. Lively and swashbuckling, this track will go well with pirates or adventurous mischief, perhaps a party at the tavern, a celebration or party - or just...

It Will Come

Solo guitar. Slow and passionate,very emotional. A Celtic influence,very heartfelt and melodic. A sense of longing, reflection, contemplation. Can be used for loneliness, introspective, romance as well. Good for humanity and documentary. Dramatic and cinematic. Clean solo electric guitar with a beau...

Greensleeves (Arr F Hegedus)

A tasteful, acoustic rendition of this traditional Irish / Celtic / English folk song. Flute, harpsichord, classical guitar. A very emotive and poignant melody which stirs emotion of longing, beauty, love and melancholy. Often used in connection with weddings or journeys.
Yann Keerim