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Strong Voltage

Exciting, dramatic, epic film score trailer. Nervous strings and pulsating synth bass first meet elegiac-melancholic strings and horns, then a powerful choir and mighty percussions!

Eastern Story

Emotional intro with ethnic voices, dramatic strings and a modern beat. Ideal for documentaries.

The Heart Is Touched By Love

Cinematic filmmusic with intense strings, dreamy voices and a big orchestra. Well suited for adventures, dramas and presentations.

Cloud Trip

Inspirational, positive pop music with soft playing piano at the beginning and modern pulsating synths. Soft strings and touching melodies provided by an modern gentle beat. Great music for presentations, corporate movies and advertising.

The Cover Of The Magacine

Dance pop with a dreamy vocal, atmospheric synths, floating effects, slightly playful e-guitars and a straight beat.

Eastern World

The Sultan travels with his caravan through the desert. This picture comes directly in mind by listening to this track. Traditional instruments with impulsive timpani and ethnic flutes and strings. Perfect for adventure, documentaries and games.

Inspirational Popmusic

Exciting pop music with an catchy male vocal, modern beats, dreamy guitars and modern synth sounds. Great inspirational music for films, presentations and many more.

Call your Name

Dreamy modern pop music with an inspirational athmosphere. Spherical synths meets catchy vocal lines and electronic drums. Perfect for commercials and romantic scenes.

Close to my Heart

Romantic pop rock with acoustic guitars and emotional violins. Has a little touch of folk music. Supports a calm feeling and a touching emotion.

Tell Me All The Stories

Smooth ambient with atmospheric e-guitars. Perfect as background music!

Glorious View

Hopeful film score with thoughtful strings, percussions and choir. Perfect background music for reflective moments.

Baby You Will Change (Audio Logo)

Loungy grooving pop with a warm synthesizer sound, a sexy female vocal, a subtle bass, strings and a relaxed beat


Emotional pop ballad with a dreamy, Turkey female vocal, piano and smooth strings. Fits perfect with emotional moments and thoughtful images.

Raindrops - Sad Acoustic Piano

An emotionally powerful, poignant, acoustic cinematic piano track. Conveys an evocative atmosphere of sympathy and contemplation. Beautiful, haunting and moving.

Story Of Life

Emotional and touching cinematic music track featuring piano and full orchestral strings. Beautiful melodies with deep romantic feel great for films, love and romance videos, photo slideshows and documentaries. Tender, gentle, slightly melancholic and sentimental composition with a deep thoughtful h...

I will love you forever

Sentimental, hopeful piano piece accompanied by strings. Perfect suitable for romantic scenes or advertising.

Kingdom of War

Mysterious and exciting film music with dramatic strings, choir and a modern beat. Nice for mystery and horror.


Hopeful, inspirational film music with an touching piano melody, dramatic strings and brass, choir and a modern beat. Ideal for movies and drama.

Touch my Heart

Epic, big film score with an exciting climax, intense strings, dreamy voices, brass and modern synthesizer arpeggios.

Nostalgic Logo

A short opening logo, performed by harp and symphony orchestra.
Yann Keerim