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Romanian Dance

That slow Greek-Russian tune will take you away to the places when you can fish quietly by yourself, look at the sky and wonder about your life. bitter-sweet and beautiful

Spaghetti And Meatballs

A traditional Italian style track, uptempo and melodic at the same time. Traditional Mediterranean acoustic instruments such as mandolin and accordion are used. Uplifting final section with orchestra. It creates a very happy, joyful, friendly atmosphere, with a touch of retro / traditional flavor. V...

Mediterranean Tale

Fast, acoustic track reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean (Italy, Greece) melodies and sounds. It builds up nicely, providing a nice mix of moods and emotions. It is suggestive of old stories filled with pride, energy and a bit of nostalgia. Authentic instruments are used. Perfect soundtrack for...

The Story Of Life

Big, epic-powerful film score in the style of a Greek electronic composer. Piano and spherical synths meet strings, a ceremonial choir, majestic horns and mighty percussions


An epic, grand sounding track with a slight Greek, Oriental, Eastern or "Ancient World" feel. Ethnic, exotic, and dangerous. The first 45 seconds or so are rather pensive, before it builds up into a grand, sweeping, majestic and exciting piece. Good for dramatic trailers, dramatic scenes, grand, wid...

Wedding Traditions

Fun and festive, traditional European party / celebration. Could be Italy / Sicily, but also other European / Greece / Eastern Europe / Balkan etc. Weddings, family parties, parades and dance events. Semi-orchestral sound, led by acoustic guitar, violin, accordion and trumpet. The "Light version" is...

Tribe Quest

by Fabrica
Tribal stinger with greek traditional vocal theme .

Le Chant Des Sirenes 2

Beautiful, serene, light, graceful, elegant, inspirational track based on Greek mythology with lead vocal by mezzo soprano Claire Million with lyrics greek.

1 Djivaeri

by Albert
Greek Folk Etnhic - Jazz - New age Suitable for Documentaries - Commercials - Films

2 Hellispontos

by Albert
Greek Folk Themes Solo Violin Suitable for Documentaries - Commercials - Films

6 Lullaby

by Albert
Greek Lullaby Etnhic - Jazz - New age Suitable for Documentaries - Commercials - Films
Yann Keerim