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Emotional and Inspirational ambient, flutes with strings and harp. Great for all enigmatic, magic, ambient videos or documentary.

Cold Winter Mystery

Menacing, creepy and dark orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery, tension and fear. A mournful cello, strings and piano create an sinister, mysterious atmosphere. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games.

Darkness Falls

Dark, atmospheric and creepy orchestral track that sends a shiver down the spine. Mournful strings, a ghostly piano and unearthly harp express a mounting sense of unease and tension. Conveys a sense of menace, fear and mystery.

May be one day

Great movie and TV underscore. A dark and gentle melancholy theme with slight moments of hope. Piano arpeggios, beautiful melody on cello with subtle electronic percussion and synth pad. A haunting, tender and dreamy soundtrack for contemporary film.

Lounge Downtempo Loop

Upbeat looped lounge tune with nice real housey bass put through warm analogue with lush rhode chords and delicious drums.

Downtempo Loop

Upbeat looped lounge tune with nice real housey bass put through warm analogue with lush rhode chords and delicious drums.

Climatic Uplifting Action (Epic Chasing Score)

An ethnic action trailer song with orchestral instruments such as enigma flute, brass, strings, harp, guitar, bass, duduk and even obua. It start with glissandi brass and obua harmony to rise up the guitar part until giving the harp and duduk a break at middle of the song.And then staccato strings...

Party Lounge

A upbeat lounge tune with catchy rhode piano, crisp contemporary drums, and rolling bass.

Dark Intro

Dark/Suspense droning Intro with whooshes, sfx and risers.

Over the Rainbow

Lyrical piano piece with soft guitar accompaniment. Very harmonical and emotional. Suitable as background music for films, documentations or children programs.

On the Indie Way

Lyrical-motivating, youthful indie pop rock featuring guitar, organ, bass and an impulsive beat.Slightly melancholic yet positive. Perfect for commercials, lifestyle, film score, road movies!

Bar Piano

A soft, cushioned sound and playful Jazz harmonies make this Piano tune a perfect character piece for vintage bars and upperclass parties.

Up Up and Away

Melancholic-romantic yet positive pop rock song featuring a catchy theme, piano, guitars, bass, synth and drums. Communicates some certain lightheartedness. Perfect for commercial, film score!


Exciting-playful bar jazz featuring piano trio and finger snaps. Funny and sexy. Perfect for commercials, crime comedies, dramedies!

Heart of the Jungle

Mysterious strings and warm piano ostinato and African percussion rhythms give power and depth as well as a mystical touch. Very good as film music.
Yann Keerim