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A tribe calling for the spirits form the past. Deep rhythmic tribal trans track. The melody is played by a tribal flute supported by drums, bells and deep breaths. very appropriate for documentaries, spiritual movies, tribal movies, tension scenes, for creating a mysterious atmosphere and many more

distant echoes

A solo classical guitar plays a hauntingly expressive melody accompanied by lushtremolo strings in this Spanish inspired soundtrack. Passionate, dramatic and nostalgic underscorethat is and good for historical documentaries, epic love stories and more.

Dark Ages Battle Echoes

Dark, ominous orchestral underscore. Slow battle drum,french horn, like echoes of past battlesor warning of impending war.

Dark Ages Battle Echoes (30 secs)

Dark, ominous orchestral underscore. Slow battle drum,french horn, like echoes of past battlesor warning of impending war.

Dream Of The Dolphin

This is a chill / downtempo track with a sweet combination of acoustic instruments (classical and acoustic guitar) and electronic sounds, including dreamy echoes and atmospheric textures. It is also very melodic, but in an unobtrusive way, which is great for a wide variety of video productions. In o...

Hazy Days

by kubed
This is a very slow,hypnotic and mellow downtempo track.Features long reverbs,hypnotic grooves,deep bass and mellow keys.It has a melancholic chillwave sound,like leaving the summer behind.Laid-back track for relaxing and freflective moments.

Trapped in a Cycle

An electronic piece featuring synthesizers, drum machines, piano, dubby echoes, techno drum lines… Melodic, pensive and thoughtful, yet hopefully optimistic. A futuristic utopian track.

Dystopia Atmosphere

An ambient, orchestral piece featuring added synthesizers and electronic effects. The mood is disturbed, dark and morose. Echoes create a sense of huge space. This piece paints a picture of foreboding, tension or impending horror.

black hole sun

Ambience Ambient Background Drama dramatic dream Echoeing Echoes Etherial Etherial Etherial Enigma Evolving Expectation Fantasia Fantasy Feelings film film music filmgame Filmscore filmscoring Inspiration Inspire Investigate Investigation Investigative Journey jazz jazzy submarine chase Meditate m...

hyper drive

Very sci-fi oriented electro-rock piece that we had trouble finding the right category for. We would probably call it ´Electronic Space-Rock´, featuring sputtering, arpeggiating analogue synthesizers, space echoes, weird spacey sounds, thumping bass lines and an occasional, rock induced, driving g...

Beyond The Sun

Dark and mysterious atmospheric synthizer based track that echoes the realm of deep space and lost worlds at the edge of time. Suited for science fiction movies/documentaries and psychological thrillers.

Dark Ages Shadows in Time

Subtle, low key, background underscore for film. Mysterious, like distant echoes of the past.Great for history, mystery, ancient tales, drama, and fantasy. Musical backdrop which provides anerve and atmosphere, without standing out or grabbing the attention too much.

The Vault

Pulsating, dark underscore. Nervous strings, echoes of bass notes, menacing deep brass notesand reverberant percussion. A sense of foreboding danger. Horror, thriller, etc. This trackis available in two versions: One with percussion, and one without percussion.


Solar wind, mysterious drone, spacey echoes accompany a sparse and understated but yet majestic synthesizer melody, like echoesof a distant time or place. Keywords: ambient ambience ambiance echoes synth synthesizer electronic sparse electro wind spacespacey scifi sci-fi science travel journey ship ...
Yann Keerim