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duduk lament

An ethnic piece, showing the Duduk s or douk douk power wind instrument from Azerbayan.Quite, romantic, nostalgical mood, with a soft pad of strings section and atmospheric synth sound.Ideal for emotive, epic or middle east brushes

Lonely Duduk Drone

A very Sad tender piece featuring the Armenian Duduk and ambient low Drone, Would fit perfectly in to a Tender Sad and sentimental sceene. lonely , sad , upset, love , caring , hopeful hopeless , slow , brooding, desert , sand , time , peter gabriel, zimmer, gladiator , innocence, innocent, fragile...

Ambient Meditation Music Part 1+Environmental SoundsFx

10:00 min of a meditative composition with a new age and holistic sound. Dramatic, dreamy and spacious. Suitable for meditations, astral journeys, out of body experiences and quiet contemplations, Relaxing, Studying, Chilling, Revising, Meditation, Sleep Aid & Yoga. Hypnotic with a strange sense of ...

Climatic Uplifting Action (Epic Chasing Score)

An ethnic action trailer song with orchestral instruments such as enigma flute, brass, strings, harp, guitar, bass, duduk and even obua. It start with glissandi brass and obua harmony to rise up the guitar part until giving the harp and duduk a break at middle of the song.And then staccato strings...

Land Of Hope

A beautiful epic landscape is revealed, this would fit perfectly with images of nature and sceneries. Starts with a beautiful ambient soundscape, then pounding taiko drums come in together with strings and xylophone, and along the way a very impressive duduk plays beautiful harmonies on top.

Adventures in the Middle East

Cinematic action track with middle eastern harmonies, feel and instruments like Duduk, Oud and Santoor accompanied by full orchestra, different percussion, synthesizers, grand piano and bass guitar. Great for films shot in the modern middle eastern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Will work great in...

In The Dream

Dark, Mysterious and ambient cinematic track with a dreamy motif featuring guitars, orchestral percussion, choir, synth pads and middle eastern instruments like Duduk and Zurna create a spectacular mix of sounds great for films, trailers, documentaries and much more.

Eastern Spirit

This is a cinematic composition with an Eastern European motif. Dark piano accompaniment with Duduk melodies. Great for films and videos with an eastern vibe.

hit man in cairo

Middle Eastern style track featuring real cello, duduk, sitars, guitars, strong beats and spiced with electronica.Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, cello, duduk, ethnic


Full Symphony orchestra, Music appropriate for Action Historic movies. The main title is played by Scottish Bagpipe and Armenian Duduk . Man choir spoken words. very hard and heroic tracks appropriate for "preparing for attack scenes"it has very heroic end, very epic Production Music Suitable for F...


Atmospheric Track - Eastern sounds Duduk Solo Documentaries


Atmospheric Track - Eastern sounds Oud -Duduk Documentaries - Cinema
Yann Keerim