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Bali Vibes

by kubed
Exotic instruments and percussions with a balinese,asian flavor and modern,driven beat.Indian strings,sitar and percussions over electronic beats.Groovy and uplifting tune.


by kubed
Super fun and danceable track,starts with a retro,video-game intro and blasts into a modern,powerful eelctro house chorus.Very uplifting and energetic,it's perfect for sports,workout,aerobics and youth targeted promos.

Marching On

by kubed
Hip Hop track with horns, percussions, marching beats, deep bass and electro synths. Upbeat, bouncy and fresh, it has an energetic, sexy, contemporary style. Groovy music that could be heard on the dancefloors and make the girls twerkit!

New Start

A happy easy-going motivational song in a melodic techno style that gives a person a feeling of a new beginning.

Inspiring New Life

An inspiring orchestral corporate motivational song also with electronic instruments and calm drums

Life Uplifting

Happy & upbeat electro pop tune which also features grand piano & orchestra. Very euphoric, catchy & sunny. Great for commercials & advertisements products as has that real feel-good contemporary quality. Light memorable catchy & uplifting.

Love In The Summer

Funky electro pop with a hint of dance/trance. Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats, a funky bass riff & luscious synth leads and pads, this is euphoric, uplifting & high energy. Great for commercials & advertisements products as has that real feel-good contemporar...

Summer Sun

Happy, romantic & uplifting acoustic pop, featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele & piano. Lilting, beautiful & warm, this is perfect for commercials & for scenes of emotion. Light, loving & positive. Instrumental.

Up In The Air

‘Up In The Air’ is an Inspirational, epic and majestic modern rock track in the style of U2, Coldplay & Keane. It conveys motivation, positivity and success. Lush sweeping strings, huge drums, gorgeous guitars and floating synths all combine to give this contemporary song a spacious wid...

Sunday Morning (old vinyl record version)

Welcome to the roaring 20's! This is the "old vinyl record" version of a fast, energetic vocal track, with swinging ukuleles and horns, that will recreate a joyful, jazzy, truly vintage atmosphere. It sounds like a record straight from the roaring years! A modern version (without the vintage sound) ...

Sunday Morning (vocal version)

Welcome to the roaring 20's! This is a fast, energetic track, with swinging ukuleles, trumpets, sax and tuba. It is the perfect background music if you want to recreate a joyful, jazzy vintage atmosphere. We also have a "vinyl" version that sounds like an old record, useful if you need that vintage ...

Happy Acoustic Guitar

This is a carefree and happy jingle with a focus on acoustic guitar strumming.

Great Day

A upbeat positive and motivational track with big drums, rocky guitar and nice pumpy smooth bass.
Yann Keerim