Music Blanket license

Credits vs track purchase

Get access to the number of tracks you need without paying per track. Our Music Blanket license pricing is designed for large production studios, advertising companies and vloggers who use a large number of tracks in their productions.

You can purchase a number of credits and use your credits at anytime to download tracks. We do have a minimum of ten (10) to create a blanket license.

Why choose a blanket license

  • PRICE: Comparing to our buy-per-track option, prices can be up to 70% discounted
  • EASE OF USE: You just download the track you need without purchasing (Add to Cart button is replaced by Download button)
  • CUSTOM MADE: Depending on the number of tracks and the license type you need, we will create a custom proposal for your specific needs.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS: No monthly payments – No expiration of credits. You just pay once for the number of downloads you need. Add credits at any time.

Blanket license request form

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For any questions you may use our Live Support, email or call us +1-877-250-1955