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Sometimes, it may be necessary to fall in order to continue on life's journey with a reconsidered viewpoint and more stable steps. This is the meaning behind the name "zero-project". It describes a journey, which starts from zero and points to the stars.

I started publishing my compositions at the end of 2007 through my site as well as through music internet communities. Where my bio is concerned, I believe that I don't have anything special. After all, everyone has a story to tell, interesting or not. Instead of words, I offer my reason for being: Music.

Regardless of the importance of our root and our destination, the most enjoyable part is the trip between these two points. I believe music is what makes the journey memorable.

So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy your musical flight. Thank you for visiting and keep flying!

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Valley of tears

Composer: Zero Project
Dramatic and passionate orchestral soundtrack for the big screen and not only.

The crusader's return

Composer: Zero Project
Inspiring melody and orhestral/opera performance for big moments on the big screen. Recommended when power, emotions and epic expressions have to be greatly supported.

For the love of the Wood Elf Princess

Composer: Zero Project
Passionate and emotional soundtrack theme, absolutely suitable for love, passion and strong moments of the big screen and not only.

The forgotten castle

Composer: Zero Project
Dreamy electronic dramatic theme highly recommended for fairytales and medieval stories about castles, princesses, knights and forgotten places. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Magical Music

The dark ages

Composer: Zero Project
Dark, droning dramatic electronic theme, recommended for documentaries and video games, when gloom, realization and self-awareness have to be supported by music.

The age of the Empire

Composer: Zero Project
Epic powerful soundtrack recommended for the cinema as well as for strategy video games. Brass and woodwind sections with full orchestra and choir contribute to a dramatic result which is able to support any stirring visual idea.

The secret book of dreams

Composer: Zero Project
This dreamy music theme is inspired by fairytales and can support them in any meaning. From movies, tv episodes to audiobooks, this work contains all the elements needed for a fairytale. Glockenspiels, wind and synth sounds in combination with the full orchestra contribute to an evocative result.


Composer: Zero Project
Dramatic soundtrack for the big screen. Full orchestra with brass section and dynamic choral phrases contribute to a powerful result, suitable for dramatic, energetic, powerful or battle and crusade scenes.

Knights of the darkness

Composer: Zero Project
If you are looking for an epic, dramatic and powerful cinematic soundtrack theme, this work is highly-recommended. Suitable for epic, battle, medieval scenes, wherever strength, honor and melody is needed.

Dreaming of you

Composer: Zero Project
Dreaming of you" is an orchestral track with piano and expressive highland pipes. It is suitable for the big screen, or wherever passion is needed. My inspiration was based on the sense of some dreams; they are so wonderful that make you wish they last for ever...
Yann Keerim
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