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My name is Yevhen Lokhmatov, I`m a freelance music composer and sound designer. Working with companies from around the world. Making music more than 20 years.

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Epic Percussion Drums

It`s huge percussion drums track with powerful energetic groove. You can hear a lot of big and small drums, different percussion from around the world. This music is perfect for cinematic trailers, commercial text motion picture, slideshows, event promo, youtube intro and action video game streams.

Epic Drums

Epic Drums made for sport action and for heroic cinematic projects. You can hear all kind of drums from big drums and roto drums to percussion and shakers.

Tropical Dance

ropical, cheerful, light, island music. Perfect for travel and holiday’s videos, promo videos, commercials and advertising, kids and children’s projects, funny and charming YouTube videos and much more.

Epic Dark

Epic cinematic theme with dark athmosphere. Hybrid distorted guitars, epic drums, percussion and ethnic throat singing.

Motivate Corporate

Motivate Corporate is positive and optimistic track. You will hear muted guitars, piano, synth melodies and bells with solid and simply drums groove.

Summer Relax

This relaxing, calm downtempo theme create stylish and peaceful atmosphere. Can be a good background for advertising, travel or corporate video.


Atmospheric and positive theme with modern lounge feel. Well suited for broadcast TV wheather forecast, high tech news, business presentations and commercials. Here you can hear electronic accurate drums, cinematic piano and lyric strings. Loopable!

Happy Days

This happy cheerful composition bring sunny mood to your videos or ads. Choose it for video with pets, kids, travel journeys, presentations as a background music. Its a bright tune with acoustic guitars, claps, tambourines, bells and piano.

Calm Logo

Clean Piano Logo is great for any brand videos, ads, represent your company in any media.

Glock Logo

Glock Logo is clean, airy, compact and solid logo for your company ads or as a opener for videos.

Celebrate Corporation

Positive theme with glockenspiel, piano, guitar and drums. Perfect for business presentations, motivational videos, celebration and wedding videos.

Sax Hip Hop

Groovy hip-hop theme with jazzy feel and funky beat. Ideal for shopping video, adventure, home video, dance party, for any kinds of vlogs, for advertising, sport videos.

Happy Playful Child

Happy theme that will be a good soundtrack for the video with the children, animals and comic situations. Live guitar, xylophone, accordion and synthesizer creates sunny mood and carefree feeling.

Fun and Funky Ident 2

Funky and rock vibes, wah-wah effects great for rock radio station idents, for fun and modern videos, commercials oriented for teenagers, innovative gadgets and fresh view massage advertising.

Fun and Funky Ident 1

Funky and rock vibes, wah-wah effects great for rock radiostation idents, for fun and modern videos, commercials oriented for teenagers, innovative gadgets and fresh view massage advertising.

High Tech Horror

High Tech Horror ident, logo, trailer with epic drums and modern effects. Great for technological commercials and epic cinematic trailers.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week is chill house theme, perfect for fashion videos, fashion show, spa & fitness commercials, hotel promo, travel companies, airline companies etc..

Classic Logo

Uplifting and positive simply piano logo. Good for any kind of brand commercials – banks, insurance companies, food, health, etc..

Radio Jingle Logo Intro

Radio Jingle Logo Intro – best for radio broadcast intro, jingle. Good for youtube logo, intro. Style: light music, adult contemporary, soft rock, easy listening. If you need to fit this track for your video or something else please let me know, I`ll make it for you.
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