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Hello and welcome to my profile on Musicase. I create music for a variety of commercials and radio , TV , YouTube spots that will motivate and inspire your audience . Background and Foreground Music for your projects . THANK YOU for choosing ONENAIL’s music for your projects ! ! !

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Summer Haze

This is a calm and warm relaxed lofi chill hip-hop track suitable for commercial, advertising, lifestyle, atmospheric chillout videos, Caffe/Bar Background Music, modern media projects, unboxing, summer video content, fashion content, apartment presentations, Lounge Bar, YouTube Vlogs and many other...


This is an epic ,inspiring and motivating background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational video or speech and for motivational and technological presentations. Using synths, strings, big drums, horns, trombones, electric guitar and piano. Include versions : 1.Forgiveness................

Crime Hunter

This is intense epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, tv, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drum beat, horns, clean guitar and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic drum elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main version , bed...

Luxury Lifestyle

This is an funk upbeat track for travel, documentary, game, landscape, soundtrack or TV show using saz , electric guitar and bass with funky drums and brass.

Heavy Industry

This is heavy and aggressive industrial track with power distorted guitar riffs and machine mood atmosphere.

Tension Of Madness

"Tension Of Madness" is powerful and aggressive cinematic music track with dark atmosphere using dark cellos,spooky piano,distorted gutars, brams, horns, alarm, clock, duduk, powerful drums and risers. Perfectly fit crime shows, crime and action scene, trailer intro, movies, detective investigations...

Endless War

This is an intense, triumphant, glorious and action cinematic track, with powerful cellos ,big drums, percussions instruments, epic brass and guitar theme. This track it´s perfect for soundtrack, video games, background epic music in dramatic films, documentary, inspiring and motivational video, sl...

Joy Day

This is an energetic fun corporate background music track with uplifting palm guitar , happy ukulele and fun piano theme.

African Savanna Game

This is an uplifting positive score, great for every video with nature, animals and much more.

Cinematic Hip Hop

This is high quality orchestral, hip hop, cinematic track.It gives a sense of struggle and fight.

Toddle Waddle

A toddling and strolling song for comedy. Performed with ukulele, acoustic guitar, trombone and pizzicato strings. This song is funny and playful.

Cinematic Emotional Trailer

This is an melancholic and emotional cinematic background track using powerful drums and strings with gentle piano theme and bells , evoke sad and proud fell.

Balkan Epic Warriors

This is epic,dark,exotic,dramatic and cinematic ethno track which is telling a war story. The track features epic and cinematic vibe and is suitable for all kinds of historical or fantasy projects.

Criminal Damage

This is powerful and rapid electronic cinematic rock piece with gritty and raw energy for action, racing, extreme, sports, fight or competition videos. Consists of hard drum beat, distorted horns, heavy guitars , cello and cinematic elements to bring more epic vibe.

Cinematic Epic Adventure

This track is powerful heroic soundtrack using epic drums, harp, piano, strings, horn and distorted brass. This motivational cinematic theme will work as perfect background for beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, drone video, motivational products and achievements.

Young Wild and Free

Young Wild and Free is an energetic fun rock background music track with uplifting guitar riffs ,powerful bass and drums with whistle,glockenspiele and accordion.
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