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Hello and welcome to my profile on Musicase. I create music for a variety of commercials and radio , TV , YouTube spots that will motivate and inspire your audience . Background and Foreground Music for your projects . THANK YOU for choosing ONENAIL’s music for your projects ! ! !

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Motivational Inspiring Speech

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
An inspiring and motivating background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational speech using electric guitar,vibraphone,xylophone,piano,epic drums and hand claps.Suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, tutorials,slideshows,montages,openers,busines...

ukulele swing fun

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
ukulele swing fun is unique and positive track using ukulele theme ,whistle,upright bass,electronic drums,trombone,jazz trumpet,hand claps and a lot of percussion.

happy company

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This track will be a dominant tune in your company or project !It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk music track with ukulele, positive vibes piano and xylophone,hand clapping,acoustic guitar and an energetic male vocals.It will be a perfect match for your trendy and shiny commercials,promos,intros a...

Emotional Dramatic Piano

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
"Emotional Dramatic Piano" is an inspiring, beautiful and emotionally track using piano,bells,acoustic guitar,vibraphone,cinematic percussion and drums. Perfect for wedding videos,romantic videos,photo slideshows,motivational presentations...

Happy Acoustic Indie

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
Happy Acoustic Indie is a happy, upbeat carefree folk music track using ukulele and acoustic guitar theme,xylophone,tiny bells,hand clapping and an energetic chorus evoke positive vibes. It will be a perfect match for your trendy and shiny commercials, promos, intros and openers, movies, trailers, v...

Ambient Hip Hop Mantra

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This is an ambient hip hop track using choir and mantra voices with pizzicato strings,deep bass and ghost bells. Great choice for travel projects,documentaries,art,technology,fashion,stylish,lifestyle video.

unfortunate event

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
A sad, melancholic royalty free cinematic rock track with ambient guitars, violins and cool drums for your movies, trailers and documentaries!

Let's fun

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This is celebratory ,joyful and carefree track.Using funny trombone with deep piano note and tiny palm muted guitar with shiny bells theme.This track has an optimistic and cheerful mood.

epic cinematic flying

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This epic track is perfect for trailer,drone video , video games movies...for every thing.It is a powerful cinematic music with a heroic atmosphere using powerful strings, uplifting staccato,piano and harp theme ,dramatic strings,brass, epic horns an epic drums .This track evoke memories and heroic ...

corporate flying

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
corporate flying is an inspirational light and airy background music track using clean riff guitar with palm muted overdrive guitar and light wooden xylophone theme.It's a beautiful music theme that will add some more optimistic and hopeful features to your projects!

Happy Monday

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This pack will be a dominant tune on Monday morning ,your first work day of the week!Music box sound will wake up you.It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,positive vibes, hand clapping and an energetic chorus. It will be a perfect match for your trendy and shiny comme...


Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
Celebration is a feel good modern royalty free music track that evokes a magical holiday feel and family friendly mood all throughout the song! The excellent arrangement includes fantastic sounds of muted electric guitar, bells, acoustic guitar, claps, tambourine, xylophone and modern rises that are...

fashion whistle

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This track is an upbeat fashionable track with happy whistle theme using dance rhythm,electric guitar,xylophone,synth and happy whistle theme. Suitable for happy and fashionable videos and presentations.

Upbeat Indie Whistle

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
Upbeat and energetic track featuring catchy whistling and indie style drums.

funny flies

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This is funny music with flute and synth flies playing the main melody with horns section stabs in the style of blues.It could be useful in so many applications and different media projects.


Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
An inspiring and soft background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Starting with a simple and memorable percussion melody with nice tiny bell theme suitable for inspiring projects, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, slideshows, montages, business videos, science and tec...

feeling good

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This is hopeful,gentle and positive pop track using muted riff guitar with gentle bells and acoustic guitar solo theme.It will be a perfect match for trendy and shiny commercials,promos,intros and openers,movies,cartoons,slide shows,travel and nature videos,vlogs and you tube contents.


Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This track could fit almost every action and energetic scene.It is driving and edgy modern rock music blended with cool electric guitar,synth and strings action parts.


Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This is royalty free music logo, ident & opener with a very positive and elegant atmosphere,using staccato cello and viola,xylophone and vibraphone with tiny bells.Perfect for any of your digital media and projects,such as you tube channels,websites,advertisements,vlogs,advertising and radio jingles...
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