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Hello. My name is Yuriy Bespalov. I live in the city of Minsk in Belarus. I am a professional musician. I like a good music, and I get pleasure from its creation, as for me it’s an opportunity to feel my importance in the world. And every your purchase of my track motivates me to work harder to develop and create a good music for you and your projects. I hope you’re happy buying my track!

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Soft Ambient

Composer: Melomaker
Uplifting electronic music track in trancy style perfect for background audio for modern stylish corporate projects such as product presentation, explainer videos, hi-tech reviews, advertising, podcasts, services showcase and many more.

Sad electronic Background

Composer: Melomaker
Very soft and atmospheric background item with electronic sound. Sad Music Background perfect for any type of media.

Relax and enjoy

Composer: Melomaker
Amazing piano ambient corporate track, for presentation, advertising or just relaxing. Enjoy!

Fun Folk

Composer: Melomaker
“Fun Folk” is an upbeat and happy track, ideal background music for fun videos, commercials, advertising, slide-show, travel videos, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Pop party Upbeat

Composer: Melomaker
“Pop party Upbeat” is driving, inspiring and upbeat, summer-filled motivational modern pop track to make your project.

Motivational Story

Composer: Melomaker
Motivational, beautiful music with the inspiring effect, pleasant to the ear instruments harmonics. Mood of optimism, a sentimental love story enjoyable.

Pop Corporate

Composer: Melomaker
Pop Corporate is an inspiring pop track, perfect for corporate, advertising, commercial, presentation, promotional, media projects, uplifting projects, slideshows, web videos, TV and radio media, etc.

Peaceful Acoustic

Composer: Melomaker
This is an calm, motivational, positive track. Perfect for inspiring presentations, video blogs, cooking show, explain, nature, wedding and other commercial and social videos. Simple melodies make this track catchy.

Cinematic New Age

Composer: Melomaker
Cinematic Ambient New Age track for your ideas, videos and projects. Beautiful cinematic background with little epic.

Motivational Uplifting

Composer: Melomaker
A motivational, uplifting, upbeat, positive, inspirational, fresh and clean background track (Music and Ident). Perfect for corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, video, web and any modern projects.

Motivational Background

Composer: Melomaker
Motivational Background is a mix of real piano, guitar, strings and bells with fresh electronic sounds. Perfect fits for corporate media, documentary projects, background, timelapse, business.

Motivational Corporation

Composer: Melomaker
Motivational corporate track for your media projects. It’s beautiful, upbeat, motivational, uplifting, inspirational corporate track that features pianos, guitar harmony, drums and electronic accents.

Motivational Corporate

Composer: Melomaker
Corporate Mood is a positive, and elevating inspirational track with melodic splendid piano, electric and acoustic guitars, inspired harmonies, profound bass.

Motivational Background

Composer: Melomaker
Inspiring & upbeat Motivational Background track is a perfect solution for your media product. This corporate track could be used in inspiring and motivation video, business presentations, promotion, corporate video, advertising, product review, company introduction, web & TV projects.


Composer: Melomaker
Morning – light positive track! instruments: muted guitar, drums, piano, synth, strings! Special for your projects, TV, radio, video and another projects! Enjoy

Jingle Bells

Composer: Melomaker
Jingle Bells is a orchestral happy and cheerful song with bells, magic chimes, cheerful glockenspiel, beauty harp, uplifting and inspiring strings.

Inspiring Uplifting Corporate

Composer: Melomaker
Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.

Inspiring Love

Composer: Melomaker
This track Pop style. It gives a sense of the Happy and Jumpy. Track has high temp and it’ll be good for Commercials, TV, movies and Radio. Main instruments are Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth.

Inspiring Cinematic

Composer: Melomaker
Inspiring Cinematic is a motivational, cinematic uplifting orchestral track for television, trailers, commercials and so much more. It`s perfect for that epic YouTube video! Used instruments: piano, strings and brass sections, orchestral drums and percussion.

Inspiring Background

Composer: Melomaker
Nice background corporate soundtrack, that evokes feelings of calm, success, inspiring, business work, team spirit, energy, uplifting, positive, happy and motivation.

Inspiring Ambient

Composer: Melomaker
Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background.
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