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Hello. My name is Yuriy Bespalov. I live in the city of Minsk in Belarus. I am a professional musician. I like a good music, and I get pleasure from its creation, as for me it’s an opportunity to feel my importance in the world. And every your purchase of my track motivates me to work harder to develop and create a good music for you and your projects. I hope you’re happy buying my track!

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Ambient Technology

Composer: Melomaker
Ambient Technology – light, inspiring atmospheric track with soft piano plucks and gentle pads on the background, perfect for your media project!

Ambient Logo

Composer: Melomaker
A smooth and elegant logo perfect for your projects. A smooth and elegant logo perfect for your projects.


Composer: Melomaker
Advertising is an airy corporate track of commercial motivational style. It Inspires your clients for optimistic mood.


Composer: Melomaker
The 80s – is an epic and energetic track with vintage synths, progressive feeling and beautiful melody.

Ambient Dreams

Composer: Melomaker
Atmospheric track with electro guitar, piano and other sounds, which relax very good.

Ambient dream

Composer: Melomaker
An ambient electronic project with beautiful piano, guitar arpeggio, electronic drum machine and flute.

Acoustic Folk

Composer: Melomaker
Inspiring, uplifting folk music. Beautiful piano and marimba, lite whistle, energetic drums, catchy melody – it’s all in this track. You can use it for different types of your projects, such as commercials, slideshows, presentations, travel and nature videos, advertising, youtube and vimeo video...

Acoustic Dreams

Composer: Melomaker
Acoustic Dreams is ? beautiful and inspiring acoustic ambient track with dreamy airy melodies and solid harmonies. This track features solo piano, guitar and strings, for a dream-like, relaxing feel.


Composer: Melomaker
Suitable for war/battle movie trailer. Some kind of documentary films or time lapse will be fine.

Uplifting Pop

Composer: Melomaker
This soundtrack can be used in videos, radio, slideshows, Youtube. Get up and get active. Progressive music footage for lifestyle sports and gadgets plus dynamic upbeat uplifting tunes. Good background music for fun outdoor activities such as running, biking.

Uplifting and Upbeat

Composer: Melomaker
Positive inspirational motivational business/corporate track, perfect for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media.

Dreamy Space

Composer: Melomaker
Dreamy atmospheric electronic beat. Perfect background music for social media projects, time lapse, slow motions, slideshow, and more.

Tropical Pop

Composer: Melomaker
Happy and optimistic inspirational track Tropical / Pop / style gives you energetic and powerful summer mood. Best for tv advertising, radio, films, movie , foto, business and travel videos, motivational presentations and summer projects.

Beauty of Tech

Composer: Melomaker
Calm and elegant composition featuring tech sounds, guitars, grand piano, electro piano, percussion and different pads and atmospheric noises. Perfect for corporate projects!

Summer rain

Composer: Melomaker
A dreamy peaceful instrumental which builds a positive happy soothing presence, great for a tranquil reflecting mood or scene. Instrumental, finger picked guitar.

Corporate dance

Composer: Melomaker
Corporate dance – it’s a positive and upbeat business track with a confident rhythm, and pleasant harmony. The excellent punch rhythm of the drums will give your project more brightness.

Star traveller

Composer: Melomaker
Ambient, sci-fi, atmospheric background soundtrack for your science video project. Main Genre: atmospheric space ambient, cinematic space music, futuristic ambient, digital space atmosphere, future space background and mystery space documentary.

The Sport Rock

Composer: Melomaker
Sport Rock music Perfect for any of your any sports, extreme or motivational project!

Space Walking

Composer: Melomaker
Dreamy relaxing ambient electronica. Perfect background music for social media projects, time lapse, slow motions, and more.

Space Dance

Composer: Melomaker
This intro can be used in games, youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, beauty blogs, festivals, openers!

Space Ambient

Composer: Melomaker
Minimal and modern composition full of emotion and nostalgia. Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background.
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