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Composer / performer, specialized in musical dressing, image music and more particularly in commercial music, TV documentaries and TV reports. My musical universe is a mixture of neoclassical, electro, action and melancholic music. If you are looking for image music for a TV report, an original title for a documentary, a sound identity for an advertisement, a TV credits, a musical design for a corporate film, a radio or the web, browse our collections.

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Beautiful Inspiring Cinematic Emotional Piano

Here is an inspiring beautiful and fulfilling piece of music, perfect for cinematics, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations, Christmas projects, etc. A moving piano motif, elegant and ample violins, emotional surges and tender and sentimental moments ...

Emotional Chill

Emotional Chill is a relaxing lo-fi track with a soft vocal background. Its modern and minimalist chillout of this composition is ideal for YouTube videos, commercials, streams, vlogs, blogs, fashion, travel, documentary and much more!

Downtempo Lounge Beat

Downtempo Lounge Beat is a relaxing music track with warm spacey synth chords and emotive melodies with flute, jazz guitar and warm atmospheric pads, soft calm electronic drums and bass and muted trumpet. Ideal as background music for advertising, modern presentations, abstract slideshow, abstract v...

Inspiring and Beautiful Corporate Motivational

Melodic track in the inspiring pop style in a positive atmosphere. Commercial Inspiration, Dreamy Inspirational Pop Rock, Emotional Inspirational Acoustic Pop, Inspirational Music for Happiness, Joyful Inspirational Acoustic Pop, Inspirational Orchestral Rock, Upbeat Strings, Heartbreaking Indie Pop...

Breaking News Ident

Breaking News is perfect orchestral jingle music: horns and trumpets; strings, timpani, piano and classical percussion. For TV ads, broadcast shows, financial projects, commercial and corporate videos, high-tech presentations, slideshows and promotional videos, advertisements, etc.
Yann Keerim
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