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My name is Maxim Kokarev, I’m a musician, producer and mixing engineer. I have spent over 10 years helping other musicians from different parts of the world to find their sound, to make their music sound the way they hear it in their head, or even better. In background music, I found something my job couldn’t give me: freedom of self-expression, an experimental field to create my own music, looking for the sound and the mood that would make you dance or shed a tear or two. The quality of the final product is also important for me – it’s a challenge to make the music original, yet flexible and easily adaptable to your needs.

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Inspiring Indie Rock

An dynamic and optimistic indie rock track featuring energetic electric guitars, strong rhythm section, bells and piano. The catchy melody and uplifting mood it creates make this track perfect for commercials, promotional videos, motivate videos, youtube videos, sports videos, awards or short TV sto...


Modern future bass track with powerful and narrative sounding. It will be perfect as background music for a whole range of youtube projects: presentations and videos, especially those which are connected with computers, technologies, sport and fitness, video reviews, let’s plays, streams and bench...

Epic Trailer

An epic orchestral piece of music for a video background. It can be a video about army, bravery, exploring or a cinematic trailer. This heroic, powerful and inspiring music, moves to go forward, to try and reach your stars.

Kids Playing

A very bright and cheerful track. A playful and cheeky duet of subtle ukulele and bouncy rhodes creates the mood of careless childhood when everything can be funny or curious, time of vibrant joy and games. The music will be perfect for any videos with toddlers, pets, animals, as well as cartoons, o...


An airy and uplifting summer track, great as a soundtrack for vacation videos, or any videos connected with summer, ocean, travels, outdoors activities, for party, family or personal videos. Funky guitars, pop piano, synthesizers, rhythmic and energetic drums and bass pulse, and claps make the music...

Baby Lullaby

A very touching melody, with low sound of acoustic guitars. Soft and tender, very calm and pacifying, it will work perfectly as a background for any kids videos, family videos, commercials, or youtube videos.

Corporate Background

A modern, clear and business-like background music for a corporate video, a presentation of a project or a company, an advertisement, a promotional video. It features bright electric guitars, upbeat and bouncy drums, confident bass, energetic synths and cheerful claps which add to the optimistic moo...

Science Music

Calm and positive tech background music. Great for all sorts of corporate media, technology projects, presentations, promotions, science projects, new technology, products, marketing, ads, youtube videos and many more.

Future Bass Music

Electronic instruments, harmoniously combined with drums and bass create a very interesting futuristic sounding. Melodic, powerful, dreamy and flowing, yet very rhythmic, uplifting and inspiring, this track will be perfect background music in any video about modern people, fashion, technologies or s...

The Folk

This beautiful peaceful piece of folk music featuring soft acoustic guitar and tender romantic piano creates warm, cosy, and inspirational atmosphere. It will be perfect for any travel video, family videos, videos about outdoor activities, romantic videos, seasonal videos, commercials, cooking video...

Happy Ukulele

This bright and cheerful track features ukulele, bells, piano supported by claps, soft bass and bouncy drums. The catchy leading melody played on the bells and piano creates the mood of careless summer days, fun, and games. It will work perfect in a commercial, a motivational video or a corporate vi...


An extraordinary rhythmical track. All kinds of weapon percussion sounds create a explosion and powerful effect. The tempo is given by the shoe stamps; then beats and claps gradually complete the big picture. It will be great in an expressive video about shooting clubs, a shooting range or military ...

Chinese Hip-Hop

A funny and stylish hip-hop track where modern and energetic western tunes and oriental melodies merge and interwine to make a harmonious and very interesting combination. It may underline the idea of multiculturalism or international friendship and collabotation if such is expressed in your video.

Dubstep Background

A stong and modern dubstep track with very dynamic, straightforward and motivational sounding. It will be perfect as background music for a whole range of projects: presentations and videos, especially those which are connected with design, fashion, technologies, sport and fitness, outdoor events an...

Indie Rock

A dynamic and upbeat track with a characteristic indie rock sounding. Drums, claps, grunge guitars, and men’s cheering shouts in the background create altogether a very positive, summer feeling. This track will add youthful optimism and drive to your travel or outdoor video, a motivational commerc...


Airy and positive track with a catchy guitar melody acompanied by piano and synths. Uplifting and inspiring, yet light and unpretentious, it will be perfect background music for a business presentation, any corporate videos, tutorials, education video, commercials, youtube videos or live events.


Modern dubstep track with powerful and motivational sounding. It will be perfect as background music for a whole range of youtube projects: presentations and videos, especially those which are connected with travels, fashion, vacations, sport and fitness, video reviews, let’s plays and benchmarks....

Epic Dramatic Trailer

A very dramatic track which could be a perfect trailer music. Expressive, solemn, absolutely cosmic drums and melancholic piano and strings create an atmosphere of mourning; a duduk, joining in in the second part, gives the music the air of the old times - heroic and romantic.

Acoustic Folk

A very inspiring and positive piece of folk music featuring electric lap steel and acoustic guitars, ukulele, claps, tambourine. The warm and so summerlike sound of acoustic guitars and ukulele in the beginning is inderlined by a bright and powerful electric guitar solo in the background in the seco...
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