Affiliates – FAQ

Is it free to join your Affiliate Program?

Yes, it is absolutely free. Anyone can join and start promoting


How can i promote 

When you join, you will get instant access to your Unique Affiliate Link and Banners. You can copy paste the creatives or links in your website and start referring traffic immediately. We have plenty of creatives, banners of all dimension and we can also create some custom ones for you, upon request.


How do you know that the sales come from my website?

We track sales using the Unique Affiliate Link. Each time a sale comes for your unique link, you will be credited the commission. Your Unique Affiliate Link has a unique code which is connected with your account.


How can i see my earnings?

By visiting your Affiliate Page Dashboard, you have access to your earnings, 24/7. The system has real time updates.


How can i withdraw my earnings?

You can request a withdraw and we will forward your earnings in a monthly basis. To request a withdraw, your balance must be over 30 USD. We will forward payment to your PayPal or Bank Account.


Put a link on your website  – Get paid each month for your referrals

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