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Ukulele Fun (no vocals)

Easy, light and lazy song with ukulele, upright bass, steel pans and happy finger snaps. Glockenspiel melodies for a trendy sound and additional female vocals of the most beautiful girls on that island.

Uplifting Corporate

by attila
This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring harp arpeggio and orchestral strings. It starts with a harp melody and builds into a orchestral climax with solo celli.Fit for corporate and business projects, presentations and more.

Upbeat Corporate III main

by attila
Motivational upbeat pop track with electric guitars, piano,bass and drums. Great for corporate videos, presentations, promos, commercials and other media.

Ukulele Theory

by attila
A happy uplifting folksy ukulele with a cheerful bell melody! Positive and uplifting. Fit for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, infomercial, new product launch.

Dreamy Piano

by attila
Soft and atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background,This heartfelt, beautifully, reflective, mellow piece is fit for movie productions which looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.


All acoustic track, very melodic, truly inspiring, extremely versatile. Think of the beauty of simplicity, the small things of our daily life, the warmth of family, the innocence of children. Think of tenderness, hope, friendship. This is a song that will speak to the heart of any listener. Several ...

Drone World

Action Cinematic and game genre, hi tech hi energy track with urban sound and nice groove...

Logo LS2 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..

Logo LS1 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..

Logo LS3 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..

Logo LS4 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..

Logo LS5 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..


by attila
A cheerful, catchy and happy tune with whistling, ukulele, mandolin,bass guitar, drums and claps. Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe.

Island Holidays

Sun on a white sandy beach, palm trees and something colorful in your glass. Holidays at last… Perfect for summer videos, family videos, Tv background, app, photo slideshows, presentations, animations, web projects, travel videos.

Magic Smile

Fresh and funny song features cheerful melody upon a dance rhythm section. Perfect for TV shows, cartoons, videogame, children videos.


Epic and mysterious atmosphere in this piece of music, featuring acoustic piano, choir and orchestra. Perfect for trailers, games, movies.

Sport News

Modern, energetic and powerful background music. Perfect for sport, news, openings and videos.


A happy, energetic, and cheerful track featuring ukulele and electric guitar. Great for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, children and family videos, corporate presentations, motivational videos and more.


Inspiring, sweet and uplifing piece of music, perfectly suited for wedding videos, romantic videos, photo slideshows, movie themes, inspirational projects, motivational presentations ecc…

Under the Sea

Funny island music track featuring island mallets, marimbas and percussions. Suitable for travel and holidays projects, product presentations, family & children videos, anything related to the sea.

The Good Life Motivation

by nazar
Play with me is a Joyful, playful children's track. With percussion, piano bells and marimba and orchestra in a very Funny and Sweet mood. Can also be for a children's stage show, clowns or circus act, puppet show etc. Kids fooling around, babies and cartoon,games,Podcast and commercials.
Yann Keerim