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Corporatology (looped groove)

Inspirational, positive corporate track with smooth changes and nice groove... available in 3 edits: Corporatology (main) 3:22 Corporatology (lite) 2:34 Corporatology (looped groove) 2:17

Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove)

Positive acoustic groove with ukulele and acoustic instruments, happy and lively... available in 4 edits Ukulele Childrens Party (Main) 2:18 Ukulele Childrens Party (packed) 1:50 Ukulele Childrens Party (essential) 1:22 Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove) 0:56

Funky Bed (looped groove) 16bit

Upbeat positive funky track with powerful groove, Available in 4 edits: Funky Bed (main) 2:29 Funky Bed (packed) 1:47 Funky Bed (essential) 0:56 Funky Bed (looped groove) 1:33

Inspiring Sunshine (Loop Version)

Positive and Upbeat contemporary acoustic track featuring strumming and solo guitars, glockenspiel, percussion, bass and drums. This feel-good piece has a very optimistic and happy mood and is perfect for your YouTube videos, corporate videos, children's projects, commercials, films and TV, Family v...

Positive Beat (Loop Version)

Upbeat and catchy track with a positive and inspiring vibe featuring, acoustic and electric guitars, powerful drums, percussion, glockenspiel and piano. This composition is perfect for advertising, TV commercials, family photo slideshows, web videos, crowdfunding projects, business and corporate pre...

Sunny Commercial (Loop Version)

Motivating, optimistic and fun music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic and electric guitars, Glockenspiel, Piano, Bass and Drums. Catchy and captivating composition perfect for all kinds of advertising, TV commercials, promos, presentations, corporate projects, YouTube videos, vloggers, cat videos, ...

Acoustic Colours ( loop)

by attila
Easy-going, acoustic guitar and piano based, mid-tempo background track. Pleasant, laidback and uncomplicated with an acoustic feel and sound.

Bestmatch Corporate (looped groove) 16bit

Positive and uplifting corporate track with powerful groove.. available in these 5 edits Bestmatch Corporate (main 2:38) Bestmatch Corporate (extended 3:09) Bestmatch Corporate (essential 2:04) Bestmatch Corporate ( looped groove 2:14) Bestmatch Corporate (stinger 0:46)

Logo HH17 looped

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..
Yann Keerim