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Still A Lot To Learn - Loop

Suspenseful underscore for movies, film, expressing some tension, attentiveness. I used samples of asian percussion and synths.

Scrutiny At All Times - Loop

Classical music presented as a loopable clip here. It's about scenes in movies, films, when getting ready, being aware, preparing for something, being somewhat alert. I used french horn, tuba and piccolo trumpet.

Goofy Steps - Loop

Very cheerful loopable audio clip for use in video games, toy related videos, kids shows, children stuff. It's fun and funny. I used synths.

Screwy - Game Loop

Playful and exciting video game loop for use as soundtrack in the background of the game. I used synth, pad, drums.

No More Talking - Loop

Something tense about this loopable electronic audio clip. Reminds of the eighties and can be used in movies and films. It's about preparing, getting ready for something, it has something adventurous in it. I used pad, synth, drums.

Pack It - Funky Loop

Funky move it with this energetic loop. It's about adrenaline and rhythm. For use in video presentations, youtube, tutorials, movies and video games. I used drums and synth.

Happy Moments Loop

Happy Moments is an instrumental song with ukulele and joyful piano/glockenspiel melody.

Good Times Loop

"Good Times" is an acoustic, instrumental Song with a happy piano melody.

Happy Childrens Reggae Loop

A cheerful, instrumental ukulele song with a catchy melody (piano/Glockenspiel).

Carefree Days Loop

A cheerful, instrumental song feat. ukulele and piano/glockenspiel.

Good Mood Loop

A short, uplifting instrumental song including acoustic guitar and Piano.

Happy Smile Loop 02

Happy Smile is a cheerful track with ukulele/guitar and piano/glockenspiel.

Inspiring Stories Full Loop

An motivational, uplifting track with muted guitar delay, piano, orchestral elements...

Happy Smile Loop 01

Happy Smile is a cheerful track with ukulele/guitar and piano/glockenspiel.
Yann Keerim