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battle formation

Cinematic style soundtrack featuring a relentless, repetitive driving groove, that constantly builds andramps up to a dramatic climax. This epic orchestral war cue will workto underscore any battle scene from medieval times to the 21st century.


Bright and happy, uplifting 80's motivational music with a positively euphoricmood that is ideal for inspiring presentations, upbeat commercials, joyful children'sprograms, feelgood entertainment shows or any positive, uplifting media project.


A simple, heartfelt piano instrumental that is ideal for evoking a tender,romantic ambiance. With a gentle lyrical melody and a sparse, spacious unclutteredarrangement. Well suited for media depicting sensitive, touching and priceless moments.

europa expedition

Epic rock/orchestral/choir style soundtrack with an upbeat driving electro groove that constantlybuilds up to a dramatic climax. Full of melodic themes and variedsound colors. Good for scenes depicting adventure, danger, and mounting tension.


A calm and serene, tranquil soundscape featuring gentle flute melodies and smoothnylon string guitar lines that intertwine with soft keyboard textures and othersonic colours, creating a beautiful musical tapestry. Good for relaxation and meditation.

crime scene aftermath

CSI inspired dark and foreboding orchestral soundtrack full of mystery andsuspense. Brooding ominous low strings, sinister swelling brass, and eerie highsolitary piano figures create an uneasy mood of uncertainty.


A soothing, tranquil soundscape suited for relaxation and meditation. Gentle keyboardpatterns and textures, smooth nylon string guitar lines, soft flowing woodwindsand other sonic colours intertwine creating a calm, peaceful hypnotic environment.

downward spiral

A dark, brooding and atmospheric underscore that's best suited for scenes depictingdepression, loneliness, sadness or a melancholy passage of time. With an ominousdrone, hypnotic piano patterns, descending string melodies and low pizzicato strings.

heroic quest

Written in the style of epic heroic action films and recorded with a liveorchestra. The main themes are played and restated as the music builds through theuse of varied orchestral colors and frequent, exciting key changes. Rousing big finish.

duel of fates

Epic atmosphere and at the same time, some dark, some mistery, with transition trough soundtracks of spy films mood and adventures.Mix of symphonic background with modern percussion.Right for image


Modern hip-hop and funk textures through lead bass lines, with a powerful synth bass and exotic synth sounds, great covering a lot of styles with energy and acid-jazz/funk brushes.

duduk lament

An ethnic piece, showing the Duduk s or douk douk power wind instrument from Azerbayan.Quite, romantic, nostalgical mood, with a soft pad of strings section and atmospheric synth sound.Ideal for emotive, epic or middle east brushes

song for barry

Ballad, Soundtrack mood, with a soft piano melody surrounded by some percussions and delays and a strings and brass section. It was composed as my personal tribute to the great composer, John Barry. Nice cello melodies and again, emotive and with a lot of dynamics and transitions.

She doesn t like pink

Low tempo ,emotive theme with a hard and nice hit of snare among a short string section giving a modern and powerful balance between feelings, rythym and rare touches of great synths sounds with a lot of dynamics and major to minord changes, etc.


A pop rock band consisting of electric guitars, piano, bass and drums, playing a instrumental track with a melancholy light rock feel. Pensive and nostalgic music.

mother and child

A tender, emotional, gentle and sparse arranged instrumental. A simple yet sophisticated piano melody is accompanied by a full orchestra. Very tender, fairy and happy mood!

the next day morning

Orchestral sweet, sunshine, romantic track with piano and strings. Playing beautiful, rising piece.
Yann Keerim