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Beach Lounge

Upbeat house lounge tune with catchy bass, and dj scratches. This one is a modern progressive and original tune.

Business Corporate World

A positive, motivational track that reminds someone of the good times and positive memories. Contains warm pads, lush piano, chilled out percussion and hearty electric guitar.

Inspirational New Era

This piece is a powerful, motivational track that is uplifting and positive pop song with crispy drums that starts off with a lush harp intro, slowly building into a powerful climax. This song makes you want to get up and accomplish your life’s goals!

Informational Business Machine

A ambient/technological track with a little touch of IDM. The mood / feel of this track is “neutral”, it is not too happy, and not too ambient. Perfect for various projects!

216 Breaking News AC2 Full

A very dynamic and energetic track, design for Show Game, news and as abackground track with a very strong intro and outro.

House Disco

A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind. Great for many different types of projects for the way it was designed.

Happy Technology

A sweet mellow corporate motivational type song with dreamy synths and uplifting but calm arrangement.


Fresh and modern informational type electronic track that evokes feelings of new technology, business, branding, and fun. The mood / feel is “neutral”, it is not too happy, and not too ambient. Perfect for various projects!


Big breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy. High energy track intended towards action and dynamic sport content and many other applications.

Upbeat Breakbeat

High energy track with stylish drums and an effective modern breakbeat flow great for action and dynamic sport related material and anything that needs that ‘cool’ and in-your-face force.

Calm Corporate

A calm, and relaxing corporate ambient track featuring clean atmospheric piano, analogue synth and a steady relaxed bass groove
Yann Keerim