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Trapped in a Cycle

An electronic piece featuring synthesizers, drum machines, piano, dubby echoes, techno drum lines… Melodic, pensive and thoughtful, yet hopefully optimistic. A futuristic utopian track.

Thick in the Head

A hard-hitting, off-kilter experimental bass track. Its aggressive sound works well for action. It has an unpredictable rhythm, giving a sense of the unexpected. This piece contains synthesizers and drum machines, and is inspired by (but not too similar to) dubstep with its heavy distorted bass. The...

Hyper Techno Glitch

A very fast and glitchy drum and bass piece. The first part is stuttering, manic and hyperactive, while the second part maintains the fast drums and adds a contrasting electric piano part – either section is easily loopable.

Chip Hop Dream

A computer game chip-tune inspired hip hop instrumental beat. This wouldn’t be out of place on the NES or similar system, and it would work well for a neo-retro game. There is a spacey vibe underpinned by a warm, fat bass sound.

Thumb Piano Weeps an Electric Tear

Electronic dance track based on recordings of an African thumb piano. The thumb piano has a delightfully pure sound. There are also synthesizers, drum machines and glitch sounds. This piece has a serious, spacious and technological feel to it. The melodies are underlined by interlocking repeating pa...

Futurtopia Moonopolis Groove-a-tron

With synth-lead melodies and a steady, funky beat, this piece brings feelings of the future, ambiguous moods, and spaciousness. This piece would fit well in any depiction of technology. All instruments are synthesizers, except for the drums, and the piece is driven by a repeating bass melody.

Lonely City Dwellers

This piece has a repeating electric piano sequence floating on a bed of synth drone sounds. There is a sparse drum machine rhythm, and a high synthesizer melody. The piece has a sense of progression and rising intensity, while remaining calm, until everything finally subsides. There is a sense of â...

Dystopia Warfare

Frantic drum & bass with a moody, angry and downright aggressive feel. Ultra low and distorted bass gives weight underneath fast and thundering breakbeats. There is an atmospheric, cinematic backing to the piece which lends a feel of epic-ness.

Dystopia Atmosphere

An ambient, orchestral piece featuring added synthesizers and electronic effects. The mood is disturbed, dark and morose. Echoes create a sense of huge space. This piece paints a picture of foreboding, tension or impending horror.

Painful Strings

A textural piece for string section. It feels remorseful, pained, or hopeless. The strings play long harmonies, undulating and slowly fading between chords. This would work well to create mood in dramatic scenes.

Player 1 vs The Odds

Sad and serious melodic chiptune/8-bit piece, with repeating ostinatos running underneath. This wouldn’t be out of place on the NES or similar system, and it would work well for a neo-retro game. This theme may suggest loss, or a daunting or hopeless task ahead for the player.

Heart Poem

A melodic ambient piece with a pensive, melancholy or nostalgic feeling. It contains synthesized textures, African thumb piano, drum machine and other sounds. A repeating motif underlines throughout, while other melodies and textures create a feeling of meandering progression.

Happiest Light Speed Rhythm

A very happy piece with dazzling fast melodies and quick, interlocking motifs over a drum & bass rhythm. This piece mainly features synthesized sounds, owing to its futuristic feeling.


Track made in cinematic trailer style with powerful epic orchestra,drums and choir.

Raise Your Sword

A powerful trailer track mad with epic orchestra, epic drums and epic choir.

Big Bigger Business

Modern electro sound. Arpeggio synths and soft surfaces with a cool beat convey modernity, innovation and elegance.

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Thrilling And Urgent

Cinematic instrumental music with synth, piano, pad, bass and drum. Dramatic sound of pad, piano and synth with drum make tense and dynamic mood.

Gangster Street

Cool funky crime music in the style of old television detective series. With brass, hammond organ and percussion.

Kids Festival

Childishly playful film score accompanied by motivating and positive synthies, guitars and a soft beat. Perfect for comedy and commercials.

Get Healed

Groovy modern jazz with a funky piano melody and solos from piano and jazz guitar. Cool and hip.

Joyful Soul

Cheerful and easygoing soul with a nice 60s retro sound. Orchestrated with e-piano, Hammond organ, e-guitar, drums and claps. Sounds groovy, relaxed and positive.
Yann Keerim