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Stride Piano Fun

Happy-playful, positive solo piano piece, 1920s-style, featuring a light, easy, funny melody. Perfect for romantic comedies!

Tick Tock Rock

Cool, young and dynamic rock song to the beat of a ticking clock. The powerful, aggressive drums are creating an impulsive groove along with the catchy guitar riff. The song conveys strength, energy and adventure.

Mr. Moonbeam

Light and carefree children's lullaby with gentle piano and cello arrangement.

Planet Hop

Uptempo synthesizer dance pop with an 80s retro sound.

After The Storm

“After The Storm” A scary haunting creepy atmospheric,haunting track that builds suspense and tension. Lots of different layers to give your sound depth and texture, this track is great for a wide range of horror and thriller scenes.

The Gate Of Heaven

8 Min Of smooth and soft ambient music,This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special Piano and Harp sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous,tender atmosphere . A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for Yoga background music for creating a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

Games Of War

Big epic action theme with orchestral arrangement and a lot of energy,Intense and very powerful drums sound. Ideal for games, war,news broadcast, battle and fight themed films with a brooding feel. Emotional and Heroic feelings that bring a lot of inspiration to the listener.


This soundtrack conveys a restless and anticipatory mood that gradually escalates to a suspenseful buildup finishing with a dramatic orchestral climax. Useful for media productions that need to ramp up to a big finish ending. Additional edits available.

Going Viral

Fast driving, hard rockin' piece great for any action or fast-paced use.

Across the Milky Way

Techno, electronic piece with steady beat and a Hendrix meets Santana rock feel.

Bend in the Road (rock mix)

Modern rock/pop song with a solid groove using synth and dual guitar. Shorter version with more percussion.
Yann Keerim