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Modern Action Sequence

Powerful and intense dramatic action music with staccato strings and synth effects over a hectic and busy drumbeat with contemporary glitch style elements. Suitable for video games, intros and transitions, action scenes like car chases or dramatic escapes, movie trailers, hi tech product presentat...

Tech World Anthem Pack

Modern stylish background track with a distinct atmospheric lead synth over a prominent dub step inspired synth bass line and a cinematic war drums groove. Perfect background for any project that needs a modern stylish atmosphere, like fashion shows or hi-tech product presentations.

Better Days Ahead

A cheerful, optimistic guitar melody, followed by a short contemplative flute interlude and a piano solo on the main theme. An airy and light-hearted acoustic guitar rhythm, bass guitar, drums and percussion provide an bright and vivid acoustic background for a theme, that reflects a positive outlo...


Sleep amd binaural music track suitable for meditationa and relax projects. Full license for inclusion in cd.

Free Your Mind

This is a Chill Out/House/Dance groove track, great for Fashion programs, Style Videos, Catwalk scenes in movies and everything evolving the modelling business. Relaxed and smooth music perfect as a background and Spinning Sport.

Wild Horizons

Wild Horizons is a heartwarming Positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere Rock track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a nice riff guitar and slowly swells into a big dramatic track and nice and smooth vocals in the background..


Full Symphony Orchestra Country and Western track. Appropriate for cowboy movies, country and western, adventures, commercials, Trailers and many more. Has very nice vibe in the style of Ennio Moricone, Jerry Goldsmith. With typical instruments banjo and guitar and galloping brass section with timp...


Dramatic, emotional music filled with loss and longing. Romantic drama, sad reunion, farewells and departures. Flashbacks to a better life, facing up to strife and starting over. Tender, delicate, yearning and filled with hope.


Full Symphony Orchestra-Very Dark and sinister. Appropriate for scenes of scheming and planning something evil and dangerous, like manipulation, assassination, war documentaries, tactical command forces, commandos, green berets, Delta force, works well on black and white documentary videos.


Great Cinematic track-The main theme is performed by Boy soprano supported by full symphony orchestra. This tracks is magic, eternity and fight for the soul. Very close to the sound of The Lord of the Rings. Appropriate for documentaries, Game music, Theme music, Mythological, Epic, Legends and many

Bartok - Divertimento for Strings 3

Divertimento for String Orchestra is a three-movement work composed by Béla Bartók in 1939, scored for full orchestral strings, Instrumental, Classical Music, 20th Century

Beethoven - Overture to The Creatures of Prometheus

The main body of the Overture follows without pause. The first theme is an energetic display of rushing scales propelled by a vibrant rhythmic energy. The second theme is a more delicate melody, entrusted to the piping flutes in duet.

Bartok - Divertimento for Strings 1

Divertimento for String Orchestra is a three-movement work composed by Béla Bartók in 1939, scored for full orchestral strings, Instrumental, Classical Music, 20th Century


Dark and dramatic full symphony orchestra track in the style of Jerry Goldsmith. Appropriate for battle preparation, hunting preparation, surviving the mountains, Military tactics, planing, preying, spying, force advancing, building traps, alone in the wilderness, combat preparation.


Full Symphony Orchestra Epic track in the style of Transformers The Last Samurai. With deep brass and male choir. The track has patriotic feel of building defense and gathering the good against the evil at the battlefield. The track radiates hope and bravery. Appropriate for trailers

Bartok - Divertimento for Strings 2

Divertimento for String Orchestra is a three-movement work composed by Béla Bartók in 1939, scored for full orchestral strings, Instrumental, Classical Music, 20th Century


Uplifting happy feeling -with bright strings and flute. Appropriate for commercial, Healthy products commercials, happy and careless scenes, with beautiful nature, happy animals.


Full Symphony Orchestra track. Very intense and violent track in the manner of Jerry Goldsmith. Appropriate for building suspense scenes like chase, attacks, horror, war, battlefields, invasions, escape, murder, fights, police chase, video games, and many more.


Full Symphony orchestra. This track is very Appropriate for Breaking News Logo, Late news broadcast logo, TV, Corporations, Radio, idents and many more.


Motivational track in the manner of Philip Glass with very classical music feel. Solo strings,2 pianos, french horn, clarinet, flute and Boy voice. Very appropriate for smart commercials, Olympic teams, Achievements, Goals, Directions, Environment, Health UNESCO.
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