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Catwalk Curiosity full version

Jazzy syncopated groove with acoustic bass & piano. Atmospheric textures in background.

Returning Home (short rhythmic version)

A gentle ballad with melodic acoustic guitars and soft synth beds in the background.

Returning Home (short version)

A gentle ballad with melodic acoustic guitars and soft synth beds in the background.

Shape of things to come (full version)

A medium tempo evolving theme with a steady groove,ambient piano and melodic strings.

Finding Our Way (with Vocals)

A very sweet song with vocals, ukulele, brushed drums, piano, upright bass. The lyrics talk about the many, simple things that make our life happy and interesting. It is perfect for a number of video and media productions, where a serene image of our daily life should be conveyed. We also have a ver...

Memories Of My Childhood

A sweet, mellow track with piano, baritone ukulele, classic guitar, trombone, synth and jazzy brushed drums. An interesting blend of classic and modern sounds. Very melodic and cinematic. Perfect as background music for sentimental or nostalgic videos and media.

Finding Our Way (no lead)

This is the "no lead" version of "Finding Our Way". It's a very sweet, lively song, with ukulele, brushed drums, piano, upright bass. This is perfect for many media and video productions, where a sense of playfulness and happiness should be conveyed. Ideal for comedy situations. We also have a vocal...

Global Village

This track is a musical journey around the world. As the music builds up with a sweet ethnic flavor, you will recognize musical instruments from every continent, united by a powerful harmony. This cinematic track is full of optimism and positive feelings, as it inspires to embrace different cultures...

Follow Your Dreams

Inspiring acoustic guitar, piano, flute and orchestra track. It can be looped seamlessly, for excellent production flexibility. The track builds up to a full orchestra arrangement, with a nice emotional content. It creates a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. It will be perfect for a wide variety of ...

Sunny Morning

A very happy song, perfect for any situation in which a very lively, relaxed and joyful feeling needs to be conveyed. It sounds very acoustic and natural: tenor ukulele, baritone ukulele, bass, mandolin, accordion, shaker. The song starts with just the ukuleles, then it builds up nicely with all the...
Yann Keerim