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Big Event

This music has a very cool commercial vibe while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative lead melodies that screams pay attention to this. The arrangement makes this a must have for a wide variety of applications including busines...

Receiving Life

This innovative music uses hypnotic and beautiful sounds to create a majestic picture. The music is subtle yet makes its presence known. It works well for a wide variety of applications including video game, corporate, film, radio, television, flash, website, and much much more.

Landing a Biggie

This music has a very minimal modern presence but is relaxing and meditative at the same time. The echoing low end is contrasted by a peaceful and soft mid range that brings to mind fluidity, and the arrangement is perfect to keep people engaged for a wide variety of applications.

Feeling Well

This music uses subtle high tech melodies and smooth bass to really paint a picture as the relaxing flute takes over. It is a nice mix of cool synths with a peaceful presence, and the new age feel of the music allows it to play great with a large variety of applications including flash, video game, ...

Mellow Electro Project

This music screams cool and smooth. The slow grove of the bass is complimented by an echoing mid range synth rhythm, and a plucky melody. The music has a laid back downtempo tone, but still grabs your attention. It makes a great choice for a wide variety of applications including ads, business, pres...

Lock the Door

This music combines a cool and innovative sound with echoing synths and modern percussion. It uses a modern electro hop style which is perfect for a wide variety of applications including new product demos, business, ads, website, and much much more.

Hit the Ground

This high energy track combines a powerful beat with hypnotic synths to creative a vivid track. The track gives the feeling of pay attention to me because I am cool, and that quality makes it ideal for a large variety of applications including sports, video games, flash, ads, business, and much much...

New Kind of Age

This music uses a really cool combinations of synths to create a progressive and innovative type of new age music. Its a fusion of beautiful electronica and peaceful new age styles. The two qualities really compliment each other, give it style, and sounds great for a wide variety of applications.

Finding Our Way (with Vocals)

A very sweet song with vocals, ukulele, brushed drums, piano, upright bass. The lyrics talk about the many, simple things that make our life happy and interesting. It is perfect for a number of video and media productions, where a serene image of our daily life should be conveyed. We also have a ver...

Memories Of My Childhood

A sweet, mellow track with piano, baritone ukulele, classic guitar, trombone, synth and jazzy brushed drums. An interesting blend of classic and modern sounds. Very melodic and cinematic. Perfect as background music for sentimental or nostalgic videos and media.

Finding Our Way (no lead)

This is the "no lead" version of "Finding Our Way". It's a very sweet, lively song, with ukulele, brushed drums, piano, upright bass. This is perfect for many media and video productions, where a sense of playfulness and happiness should be conveyed. Ideal for comedy situations. We also have a vocal...

Global Village

This track is a musical journey around the world. As the music builds up with a sweet ethnic flavor, you will recognize musical instruments from every continent, united by a powerful harmony. This cinematic track is full of optimism and positive feelings, as it inspires to embrace different cultures...

Follow Your Dreams

Inspiring acoustic guitar, piano, flute and orchestra track. It can be looped seamlessly, for excellent production flexibility. The track builds up to a full orchestra arrangement, with a nice emotional content. It creates a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. It will be perfect for a wide variety of ...

Progressive Jump

This progressive electro track uses high tech melodies and futuristic atmospheres. The music really makes a new and futuristic statement but the minimal and neutral tone makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications including ads, digital signage, business, presentations, website, telev...

Sunny Morning

A very happy song, perfect for any situation in which a very lively, relaxed and joyful feeling needs to be conveyed. It sounds very acoustic and natural: tenor ukulele, baritone ukulele, bass, mandolin, accordion, shaker. The song starts with just the ukuleles, then it builds up nicely with all the...

Enjoy Daily Life

This is the "Enjoy Daily Life" package, including the main version, the "no lead" version, two 30 second edits and two 60 second edits. It's a light and joyful based on ukuleles, brushed drums, bass, piano and, in the second half, a very uplifting string section. The title says it all: this music wi...

Striking Piano

This modern orchestral soundscape combines a tender piano melody with a soft and overcoming arrangement. The powerful strings, flute, and violin ensemble create a beautiful tone. The music is works great with a wide variety of applications including television, documentary, film, video game and much...

Cool Vibes

This music utilizes a cool plucky melody with a strong bass line and progressive percussion. The progressive style and forward thinking vibe of this music makes it perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Fully Recovered

This music uses a great combination of cool, peaceful, and beautiful. The echoing rhythm is complimented by a subtle strings, piano, and ukulele. While the main melody consists of a soft bell melody. It is charming and works well for a large number of applications including presentations, ads, digit...

Thinking About It

This contemporary fusion of new age and easy listening music, combines a cool rhythm with a soft and neutral lead melody. The overall tone of this music is calm, modern, beautiful, and clean. It works great for an underscore for television, film, or documentary, but is also versatile enough to play ...
Yann Keerim