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Wake Up

by Evgeny
Bright, fresh and catchy electro pop track with positive and uplifting vibes. Good balanced mix of modern guitar sound and dance elements. The straight drum beat and bass line makes this track driving and groovy. The synth sequences and different guitar parts add lightness and brightness to the soun...

Agnus Dei - Prepare yourself

Powerful electronic melodic trance, with an evocative opera intro. Recommended wherever power, action and melody are needed. Suggestions: 1) Racing, action and puzzle games. 2) Tv themes, 3) Commercials and promotional videos 4) Fashion industry.


Powerful electronic melodic trance. Recommended wherever power, action and melody are needed.

Simple Effectiveness

This music is a cool mix of mellow corporate attitude and screams this is modern, technological, and innovative. The melody plays out a futuristic style plucking melody as the haunting pads and smooth bass create the mood. This music is ideal for advertising, corporate video, presentations, explaine...

Bright Ray

This modern acoustic business music combines a happy and joyful vibe with innovative, fun, and successful tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a bright rhythm while the bells and pizzicato strings play a lively melody that shines with positive energy. Whether for ads, business, commercial, c...

A Beautiful Dream

Very soft and atmospheric track, with a very smooth and gentle Celesta, and piano movement in the background. This heartfelt, beautifully reflective, mellow piece is perfect for movie productions which are looking to create beautiful, soft and sentimental moments.

Midnight In The Forest

A tranquil ambient track featuring warm strings and dreamy keyboard pads. It’s great for drama, romance or fantasy, or any scenes with a peaceful, reflective and magical feel.

Joyful Moments

Bring a happy vibe to your project with this lighthearted piece that embraces a child's ability to be carefree and enjoy the simplicities of youth, enhanced by glockenspiel melodies and upbeat ukulele.

Reverse Morph

This sleek chill out music combines a spacey and mysterious vibe with modern style and elegance. The hypnotic synths combine with the smooth bass line to create a very cool atmosphere and presence. This music works great for a number of applications including television, commercial, underscores, vid...
Yann Keerim