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Uplifting Motivational Corporate Background

Inspiring, motivating, uplifting and hopeful corporate track for various productions including business advertisements, corporate motivational videos, commercials, youtube videos, television programs, and more. Features delayed and muted guitars, drums, bass, piano.

Motivational Anthem

An inspiring, uplifting and motivating track perfect for motivational and corporate videos, productions, slideshows etc. Includes crunchy and juicy delayed electric guitars, acoustic guitar, piano, ambient synths, bass and drums and grows with more feelings of hope and inspiration as the song evolve...

Light Inspiring Corporate

Motivating, mellow and inspiring corporate background track with delayed guitars and atmospheric synths. Uses include corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, presentations and any kind of visual media production needing an inspirational and motivating background.

Beautiful Inspiration

A beautiful, sentimental and emotional track featuring piano, cello and violins. Slowly builds as cello and violins come in, adding extra layers of emotions and dynamics. Perfect for productions about love, faith, relationships, weddings and more. Sounds like: Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Dustin Oâ...

Catchy Upbeat Fun

Motivating, catchy, modern trendy upbeat track with a slight retro vintage vibe. Perfect for commercials, advertisements, youtube videos, radio promos, corporate videos, company branding and more. Features rhythmic bass, funky synth and rhodes melodies along with crunchy electric guitar and energeti...

Calm Acoustic Background

Calm, ambient acoustic background track for any sentimental or inspiring productions, slide shows, wedding video, films, documentaries and more. Sounds like: Inspirational, soft, mellow uplifting background music with acoustic guitar and atmospheric electric guitars to give a dreamy, nostalgic, ...

Epic Inspiring Piano

Inspiring, dramatic cinematic background track with beautiful piano, soaring strings, and powerful percussion. Perfect for trailers, commercials, adverts, youtube videos and other projects that need an inspirational and emotional underscore.

Triumphant Inspiration

A modern, inspiring and motivating track perfect for commercials, video montages, corporate campaigns and events, advertising and business promotions, and anything else where an uplifting and positive underscore is needed. It features piano, strings, percussion.

Cinematic Corporate

A motivational inspiring track with piano and strings. Ideal for inspirational commercials, advertising, radio and business promotions, corporate presentations, company branding, film, slide shows, and much more. Conveys positive feelings of hope, success, accomplishment, achievement, inspiration...

Indie Rock Commercial

Motivational, uplifting, fun and inspiring background music track for any and all media projects, corporate productions, commercials and advertisements, radio, youtube and more!

Happy Ukulele

Cheerful upbeat song with strumming ukulele, acoustic guitar, picked mandolin, playful piano, pulsing bass and energetic drums and handclaps. Creates a very positive, carefree and wholesome mood. Perfect for motivational videos, corporate presentations, advertising, family videos, slideshows, youtub...

Inspiring Magical Background

An inspiring and uplifting track that will bring life, imagination and magic to your production. Perfect for christmas holiday advertisements and seasonal marketing campaigns as well as corporate commercials and inspirational videos. It has piano, strings, bells and other orchestral instruments to g...

Beautiful Ambition

A motivational inspiring track with piano, strings, and percussion. Ideal for inspirational commercials, advertising, radio and business promotions, corporate presentations, company branding, film, slide shows, and much more. Conveys positive feelings of hope, success, accomplishment, achievement...

Inspirational 30-second Background

A positive, uplifting and inspirational track with a cinematic feel featuring beautiful piano, soaring strings and light percussion. Perfect for TV commercials, film, documentaries, tv shows, montages, inspiring wedding and engagement videos and slideshows, and just about anything where you need a s...

Zombie Killers

by hawkey
A fast aggressive rock track for when anything slower just won’t do.

Lets Make War

by hawkey
A lo-fi stoner rock powered by a distorted bass. Full of aggressive yet laid back riffs.

Inspired by Love

This beautiful track starts with a Steinway grand piano, followed by ambient background textures as well as a small string ensemble at 0:42, creating that yearning romantic feeling. Bass comes in around 1:43 to add some depth, followed by staccato violins with a supporting piano line continuing to c...

First Day of Summer

by hawkey
A light, cheerful solo piano with a sprightly melody with a bouncy accompaniment. Great for depicting feelings of happiness and sunshine.

King of Wolves

by hawkey
A slow aggressive stoner track featuring layers of bass amplifiers to create a thick and heavy sound.

This Peaceful Space

by hawkey
A spacious track lead by a relaxed, delay drenched guitar. The mood is mellow and positive.

Climbing Up

by hawkey
An uplifting pop rock track, ideal for giving a positive message.
Yann Keerim