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Once Upon A Time (Emotional Movie Soundtrack)

02:08 - ID: 59625
Ramazan Yuksel / An orchestral sad, nostalgic soundtrack. Dramatic and melodic structur...

Stronger Than Life (Dramatic Choral Trailer Music)

00:58 - ID: 59626
Ramazan Yuksel / An intense trailer song with women choir.Dramatic epic uplifting struc...

Emotional Violin And Piano (Dramatic Soundtrack)

02:12 - ID: 59627
Ramazan Yuksel / Very sad orchestral song with solo violin, female choral voice and pia...

Emotional Female Choral Voice Soundtrack

02:16 - ID: 59628
Ramazan Yuksel / A very sad soundtrack with melodic structure. Glissandi solo violin an...

In a Trance

00:44 - ID: 59630
djshands / This loopable beat makes for a perfect background song for indie games...

Strings Attached - Loop

00:21 - ID: 59581
Andrei Vladulescu / Loop with pizzicato strings: viola, violin, double bass and contrabass...

Dystopia Redemption

02:39 - ID: 59582
Sean Archibald / Soaring melodies and emotional chord progressions over an exciting dru...

Chocolate Milk

02:09 - ID: 59583
Sean Archibald / A smooth and laid-back piece with spacious electric piano and a hip-ho...

Chattering Circuits

02:05 - ID: 59584
Sean Archibald / A fast, adrenaline-filled piece driven by drums and percussion. Other ...

Trapped in a Cycle

02:02 - ID: 59585
Sean Archibald / An electronic piece featuring synthesizers, drum machines, piano, dubb...

Thick in the Head

02:13 - ID: 59586
Sean Archibald / A hard-hitting, off-kilter experimental bass track. Its aggressive sou...

Hyper Techno Glitch

02:09 - ID: 59587
Sean Archibald / A very fast and glitchy drum and bass piece. The first part is stutter...

Chip Hop Dream

02:04 - ID: 59588
Sean Archibald / A computer game chip-tune inspired hip hop instrumental beat. This wou...

Thumb Piano Weeps an Electric Tear

02:46 - ID: 59589
Sean Archibald / Electronic dance track based on recordings of an African thumb piano. ...

Futurtopia Moonopolis Groove-a-tron

02:19 - ID: 59590
Sean Archibald / With synth-lead melodies and a steady, funky beat, this piece brings f...

Lonely City Dwellers

01:46 - ID: 59591
Sean Archibald / This piece has a repeating electric piano sequence floating on a bed o...

Dystopia Warfare

02:22 - ID: 59592
Sean Archibald / Frantic drum & bass with a moody, angry and downright aggressive feel....

Dystopia Atmosphere

01:32 - ID: 59593
Sean Archibald / An ambient, orchestral piece featuring added synthesizers and electron...

Painful Strings

02:48 - ID: 59594
Sean Archibald / A textural piece for string section. It feels remorseful, pained, or h...

Player 1 vs The Odds

02:14 - ID: 59596
Sean Archibald / Sad and serious melodic chiptune/8-bit piece, with repeating ostinatos...

Heart Poem

03:02 - ID: 59597
Sean Archibald / A melodic ambient piece with a pensive, melancholy or nostalgic feelin...

Happiest Light Speed Rhythm

03:58 - ID: 59598
Sean Archibald / A very happy piece with dazzling fast melodies and quick, interlocking...


01:07 - ID: 59566
Rafael Krux / Track made in cinematic trailer style with powerful epic orchestra,dru...

Raise Your Sword

00:48 - ID: 59567
Rafael Krux / A powerful trailer track mad with epic orchestra, epic drums and epic ...

Big Bigger Business

01:15 - ID: 59573
Christian Krauss / Modern electro sound. Arpeggio synths and soft surfaces with a cool be...

Thrilling And Urgent

ID: 59572
Junhak Lee / Cinematic instrumental music with synth, piano, pad, bass and drum. Dr...

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Gangster Street

02:08 - ID: 59574
Christian Krauss / Cool funky crime music in the style of old television detective series...

Kids Festival

01:03 - ID: 59575
Christian Krauss / Childishly playful film score accompanied by motivating and positive s...

Get Healed

03:15 - ID: 59576
Christian Krauss / Groovy modern jazz with a funky piano melody and solos from piano and ...

Joyful Soul

02:51 - ID: 59577
Christian Krauss / Cheerful and easygoing soul with a nice 60s retro sound. Orchestrated ...

Rubber Dub

02:02 - ID: 59578
Christian Krauss / Nice mixture of dancehall, dub and hip-hop with crazy vocoder/vowel sy...

Love Letters

04:49 - ID: 59579
Christian Krauss / Sheer feel good music! Gentle and cosy easy listening pop with an emot...

Lucky Disco Funk

02:16 - ID: 59580
Christian Krauss / Modern disco funk tune with a groovy beat, crisp bass and driving funk...

Elegant Piano Intro 4

00:12 - ID: 59550
Andrei Vladulescu / This is a melancholic piano intro, short and kind of sad. It is suitab...

transmission 60 sec.

01:00 - ID: 59536
djshands / This Instrumental will set you in another world with its drastic trans...

Dubstep Intro

00:12 - ID: 59537
Ramazan Yuksel / An intense dubstep logo for your videos. Jumpy, lively, weirdly intens...

Great Sacrifices (Sad Requiem Song)

03:10 - ID: 59538
Ramazan Yuksel / Very sad requiem soundtrack with female choral voice. Pessimistic and ...

Battle With Dragons (Cinematic Choral Epic Action)

03:02 - ID: 59539
Ramazan Yuksel / Orchestral music for battle scenes, pirate ships and buccanners, Game ...

Epic Tension Action (Uplifting Film Score)

03:01 - ID: 59540
Ramazan Yuksel / Lively and bright orchestral tension track with pizzicato and staccato...

Enormous Battle (Dramatic Epic Soundtrack)

03:22 - ID: 59541
Ramazan Yuksel / Epic orchestral and heroic track, very useful for battle and war scene...

Mysterious & Emotional (Dramatic Film Score)

01:23 - ID: 59542
Ramazan Yuksel / Track with mysterious and mystical appeal for film and television dra...

Dramatic Epic Emotional (Motivational & Uplifting)

03:53 - ID: 59543
Ramazan Yuksel / Orchestral music with new age flair. Sweet and mellow orchestral openi...

First Debate (Epic Orchestral Tension)

02:00 - ID: 59544
Ramazan Yuksel / Intense, tension filled track conveys high energy. Introduction to new...

Deep House Feeling

ID: 59549
Junhak Lee / Deep house instrumental music with keyboard, bass and drum. Repetitive...

Pack with 4 versions - View separated tracks

Elegant Piano Intro 3

00:12 - ID: 59551
Andrei Vladulescu / This is a melancholic piano intro, short and sad. It is suitable for v...

Epic Cinematic Action War Percussion - Big Powerful Drums

01:23 - ID: 59552
Aquilo / Orchestral and ethnic (African / Japanese) drums in a big, epic mix fo...

Emotional Moment (60-secs Version)

01:04 - ID: 59553
Lucid Dream Music / this is a 60sec version of Emotional Moment. Beautiful and emotional c...

Eternal Love (60-secs Version)

01:00 - ID: 59554
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Eternal Love. Beautiful, touching and heart...

Feel The Success (30-secs Version)

00:35 - ID: 59555
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 30sec version of Feel The Success. Motivational and moving p...

Feel The Success (Loop 01)

00:16 - ID: 59556
Lucid Dream Music / This is a loop version of Feel The Success. Motivational and moving po...

Feel The Success (Loop 02)

00:16 - ID: 59557
Lucid Dream Music / This is a loop version of Feel The Success. Motivational and moving po...

Feel The Success (60-secs Version)

00:56 - ID: 59558
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Feel The Success. Motivational and moving p...
Yann Keerim