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Soulsoother (Underscore version)

Cool and exotic chillout track. Featuring synth soundscapes and guitar. Nice groove.

Wheel of Life (Underscore version)

A subtle harp and piano with floating atmospheric pads. Wellness, Holistic products, yoga and Spa.

Campfire With Friends (Underscore version)

A fresh and natural track played by ukelele and acoustic instruments. Great for use with outdoors images such as hiking, camping, nature.

Life Is Good (Underscore version)

The good things in life. Joy, friendship, companionship. A cheerful and happy track.

Happy Birthday Funk (Underscore version)

A funny and funky version of the traditional Happy Birthday To You song. [Note about the copyright situation of this composition: This composition is now in Public Domain in USA. It is in Public Domain in EU no later than 31 December 2016. You may only use this composition if it is Public Domain in...

This is Rock (Underscore version)

A potent and powerful Classic Rock track with a rough sound, in the style of Lenny Kravitz etc.

Running Up (Underscore version)

An uplifting, uptempo and motivational track. Joyful and inspiring. Featuring Acoustic guitars and B4 organ sound.

A Change of Heart (Underscore version)

A positive and refreshing Pop / Light Rock track with a real feelgood mood. Acoustic and electric guitars, with piano. Joyful, sunny and spirited.

India Flower Festival (Underscore version)

A beautiful, light and up-tempo Indian pop track. Pretty and positive, with a busy feel. Bollywood / India / Eastern journeys. Fun and discovery. Great for travel commercials, exploration TV shows and more.

Funky India (Underscore version)

A very funky and mystical track, combining the sounds of India and the Middle East with contemporary / eastern flavors, to create a World Fusion / cultural melting pot. Hot and exotic.

Fresh and Open (Underscore version)

A positive and refreshing Pop / Light Rock track with an inspiring, optimistic mood. Acoustic and electric guitars, with piano. Inspirational / Optimistic / Energizing.

Feelgood Morning (Underscore version)

A heartening, sincere and easy-going Pop-Rock / Light Rock track with a verse / chorus structure. It has a relaxed 'easy Sunday morning' feel, as well as a sense of love, friendships and values.

Calcutta Street Crew (Underscore version)

A hip-hop track with a strong India / Bollywood / Eastern / Oriental / Middle East feel. Modern day Eastern city. World fusion / U.S. / Eastern combination.

All Together Now (Underscore version)

A heartening and positive Pop-Rock / Light Rock track with a verse / chorus structure, a moderate energy level and a feeling of friendships, family values and good times.
Yann Keerim