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Alingments (Hip Hop Rap Beat)

Cool rhythm with melodic chinese ethnic intruments.Punchy kicks and sub-bass.Dynamic snares and strings.About 4 minutes with long verses.

Xtra-Suspicious (Hiphop Rap Beat)

Unusual and aggressive track, with a medium beat containing punchy kicks and electronic choral melodic verses. Voice effects and more. Booming low frequencies. Very youthful sound, ideal for urban crime stories, drugs and debauchery, parties at home, double crosses in the street. Instrumental, Hip H...

Sneaky Rap Beat

Whirling 8-bit synths, lo-fi keys, and spacey sounds fly over this minimalistic, yet artfully-crafted rap beat.

Gritty Gangsta Rap

This rap music contains a powerful and hard hitting sound that screams dark and gritty. The strong bass and kick create tension while the crackling snare snaps the back beat. It is great for a wide variety of applications including urban, gangs, street life, prison, television, film, and much much m...

Path Of Glory

by kubed
Dramatic Hip-Hop track that evokes a sense of suspense, tension and emotions. It features cello, violin, pizzicato strings, bass, female vocal choir and modern hip-hop beats. It could work great in tv productions, sports highlights videos and reality shows.

Beginnings Of The Cinema - Intro

Audio clip that you can put in the beginning of a documentary about the early cinematography era / silent movies, or even in an independent silent movie made in this era. I used a synth.

Spring Happiness

by Aquilo
This track features acoustic guitar (sounding like ukulele), and is very happy, light and warm. Handclaps, snaps, bells, piano and a steady and soft kick drum later join the party. Fitting as a simplistic background track for an explainer video (after effects project) or other types of corporate ...

Time To Breathe

Slow paced, soothing relaxation track featuring airy pads, few piano notes, and ethereal acoustic guitar arpeggios. Suitable for relaxation, yoga, reiki, healing, spa treatment, pilates, meditation, etc.
Yann Keerim