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Inspiring Cinematic Piano & Strings

A very cinematic and emotional track featuring piano and lush strings. Similar in style to composers like Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, and Rachel Portman. Perfect for any film or documentary, trailer, opening credits, end credits.

Forever Autumn

An ambient piano based track. Melancholy and spiritual, building up to the 55 second mark into a flowing lyrical melody. Great for documentary or time-lapse photography.

Peaceful Acoustic Guitar

by Aquilo
A loving, warm acoustic guitar track perfect for background use in any romantic or family / love related project. Three acoustic steel-stringed guitars and an organ make up this piece.

Sunset (Climatic Environment Ambient Music)

Very calm ambient music with delayed harp and synthisezer. It's perfect for depicting scenes of sunset and sunrise, wide sweeping aerial photography of seascapes, mountainscapes, vast areas of open nature. Spacious and sweeping. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Psybient

Inspiring Acoustic Guitar - Positive Uplifting Background

by Aquilo
A warm and loving track that features three acoustic steel-stringed guitars - one strumming chords, one playing melodic harmonics and the third filling in soft melody lines. Suits a welcoming video like a photo album slideshow, a commercial / ad related to family, children, love or a romantic vi...

Childhood Friends

by Aquilo
A calm, melodic track that makes you feel good and reminisce. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down on the porch and just take in nature and love all around you. Fits a photo album slideshow, an ad / commercial with a message related to family, love, friendship or giving and sharing. It’s in t...

Closer Now (All Edits)

Emotional electro pop instrumental, with expressive piano, synths, guitars and a contemporary drum groove. Has a hopeful vibe, and a melancholic feeling. Switches from a slow/soft feeling, to a more energetic verse. Could fit well as background music for TV shows, reality shows, movies, or corporate...

Sweet Dreams

This is a simple and soft ,slow and sweet ballad, Like a summer afternoon romance, A simple piece with piano,bells And Acoustic Guitars that evokes childlike feelings of innocence and tenderness. Sweet and lullaby-like,Fit for commercials ,wedding video,photography slideshows or romantic scenes.


An organic-electronic blend written to capture the imagery of time-lapse photography, perhaps showing the growth and opening of plants. A breakbeat groove and complex synth sounds underscore orchestral strings and glitchy acoustic guitars. instrumental, breakbeat, strings, piano, processed, progress...
Yann Keerim