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Starfound - Outro

Retro sounding music outro, reminding of the eighties - some fun retro eighties like movies. It has a warm optimistic vibe. I used bass, synths, pads and drums. It sounds like some pop music that was recorded from an old vcr. The outro decreases gradually in tempo at the end. This outro is based ...

Tranquillity - Rock Outro

Kind of romantic rock outro. Soft rock, that is. Usable in movie scenes, film, endings. Instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar, vintage organ.

Dream Worlds Ident (No Outro)

A short, strong, cinematic introductory theme led by guitar and piano and accompanied by orchestra. Perfect accompaniment to a cinematic company logo or emblem soundtrack. Features a big orchestral sound, evocative of expensive cinematic film productions. Good for cinematic or corporate use - can al...

News Flash (Outro)

A classic news bulletin theme comprised of click together parts for easier editing. The "loop" can be pasted onto the end of the "intro" as many times as you like after one another, and then the "outro" can be pasted onto the end of that.

It Seems Impossible - Outro

Classical outro with an intense and disquieting feeling. Uses viola, strings, cello, pizzicato, double bass and zildjian crash. Suitable for movies, film, presentations, intro, outro, opener, opening, finale.

tender heart 8 outro

A soft and tender, introspective pop-orchestral ballad with a calm, steady pulse andsmooth, subtle key changes. With flute, electric piano, acoustic guitar, ethereal pads, horn,bass and drums. Evokes a warm, sincere mood good for precious moments.

Ending Level Retro Style - Sfx

Sweet old fashioned arcade music (one synth only) for ending a level or the game. Has a positive warm vibe to it.

Start With The Beginning - Intro

Elegant classical intro for media projects / cinematic projects. I used violin, cello, flute. Feel free to also check other intros / music from my portfolio.

All Right - Rock Intro

Rock opener that is exciting and motivating. I used electric guitar, bass and drums. This audio logo can be used in sitcom / tv series transitions or as in-between. It's got overdrive and adrenaline.

Lazy Morning - Introduction

Intro with classical instruments expressing laziness, some apathy. This instrumental can be used in movies as outro or in documentaries. I used bassoon and contrabassoon.

Tell The Truth - Opening

Electronic audio ident for use in opening for radio shows or as corporate logo for business. It's somewhat introspective and pensive and it has warmth. Used synth.

This Mystery Is About To Get Solved - Intro

Precautious and attentive are the feelings expressed by this classical opening. Can be used in movies, funny scenes perhaps, some documentaries and even videogames when starting a level or such. I used contrabassoon, bassoon, oboe, woodblock, castanets and guiro.

Guard At The Citadel - Intro

Classical opener that can be used in documentaries about history, movies and some video games. I used contrabassoon, bass clarinet, flute and piccolo flute.

Crescendo Elegant Sfx

Electronic arpeggio suitable for corporate audio logos, technology videos / documentaries and even some games. Can be used as sound of a ringtone for mobile phones also.

Sonata Playful - Intro 2

Piano classical introduction with a happy cheerful mood and reminding of the 18th century. Can be used as opening or finale in scenes in movies or films, documentaries. The intro is based on my track "Sonata Playful".

Sonata Playful - Intro 1

Piano classical introduction with a happy cheerful mood and reminding of the 18th century. Can be used as opening or finale in scenes in movies or films, documentaries. The loop is based on my track "Sonata Playful".

Major Key Good Mood Intro

Cheerful optimistic classical intro where i used samples of cello, double bass, contrabass, viola and violins. Suitable for radio shows openings, games intros, opener / audio logo for various media projects.

Pleasant Short Classical

Short rather cheerful and in a good mood intro with classical instruments. I used samples of violin, string ensemble, cello. Usable as intro in video games, movie scenes, applications, apps.

217 Electronic News AC2

A very dynamic and energetic track, design for Show Game, news and as a background track.
Yann Keerim