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Starfound - Outro

Retro sounding music outro, reminding of the eighties - some fun retro eighties like movies. It has a warm optimistic vibe. I used bass, synths, pads and drums. It sounds like some pop music that was recorded from an old vcr. The outro decreases gradually in tempo at the end. This outro is based ...

Tranquillity - Rock Outro

Kind of romantic rock outro. Soft rock, that is. Usable in movie scenes, film, endings. Instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar, vintage organ.

Dream Worlds Ident (No Outro)

A short, strong, cinematic introductory theme led by guitar and piano and accompanied by orchestra. Perfect accompaniment to a cinematic company logo or emblem soundtrack. Features a big orchestral sound, evocative of expensive cinematic film productions. Good for cinematic or corporate use - can al...

News Flash (Outro)

A classic news bulletin theme comprised of click together parts for easier editing. The "loop" can be pasted onto the end of the "intro" as many times as you like after one another, and then the "outro" can be pasted onto the end of that.

It Seems Impossible - Outro

Classical outro with an intense and disquieting feeling. Uses viola, strings, cello, pizzicato, double bass and zildjian crash. Suitable for movies, film, presentations, intro, outro, opener, opening, finale.

tender heart 8 outro

A soft and tender, introspective pop-orchestral ballad with a calm, steady pulse andsmooth, subtle key changes. With flute, electric piano, acoustic guitar, ethereal pads, horn,bass and drums. Evokes a warm, sincere mood good for precious moments.

Simple Games Company Logo

Short intro that could be used as a logo for a games company. It's energetic and kind of retro.

Paper Boat Romance - Intro

Romantic piano introduction usable in movies or documentaries. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Happy Asian Like Intro

Happy piano intro sounding asian. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Piano Happy Opener

Short piano intro for movie scenes or documentary scenes. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Sad Intro - Piano

Rather sad piano intro for outro for movie scenes. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Playful Lite Piano Intro

Playful lite piano introduction for movie scenes, documentary scenes or as a tv promo.

Happy Piano Ending

Happy short piano ending for film scenes, transitions, documentaries or various projects that might need it.

Just In Time - Short Intro

Short piano introduction for use in film scenes or documentaries. It expresses confidence and being motivated. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Sad Tv Promo Short

Sad piano intro for tv promos, scene transitions in movies, some documentaries.

Slightly Oriental Logo

Slightly oriental logo for use as opening for videos or in tv. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Easy Ukulele (Stinger)

by Evgeny
Easy Ukulele is a happy and frendly ukulele track with a simple and catchy melody. This music will help you to provide a positive and carefree vibe to your video or presentation. Works well as background music for corporate promotional videos, advertising projects, cartoons.

Not Losing My Temper - Intro

Short acoustic upright bass intro (2 basses) suitable as opener for film scenes or documentaries.

Heartwarming Piano Logo

Short piano intro for movies or film scenes. It's romantic and warm. Feel free to also check my other stuff.

Angry Cute Pixel Logo

Short, kind of angry and irritated audio logo usable in video games, retro style like in the 80s. I used synth. It has an obsolete sound, like the music in the 8bit chip tunes in the old consoles or personal computers (dos games).
Yann Keerim