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A distant voice

ID: 69686
Dean Wagg / Beautiful, melancholy & romantic composition for piano & orchestra acc...

Future Sexy Blues

ID: 69697
Dean Wagg / ‘Future Sexy Blues’ is a fast, high energy contemporary e...

Get Up And Go

ID: 69698
Dean Wagg / Guitar led pop which is high energy, upbeat & positive. A crunching gu...

Scuzz Ball

ID: 69719
Dean Wagg / ‘Scuzz’ Ball is a fast and frenetic rock track featuring ...

Wannabe Be A Rock Star

ID: 69740
Dean Wagg / ‘Wannabe Be a Rock Star’ is a super-cool hybrid of electr...

We Must Fly

ID: 69742
Dean Wagg / Epic, widescreen large scope cinematic trailer suitable for that block...

Epic Dubstep Orchestra

02:38 - ID: 65008
Dean Wagg / Dramatic symphonic Dubstep & orchestral crossover - perfect for moder...

The Guardians

03:18 - ID: 65066
Dean Wagg / Delicately haunting, slowly building epic soundtrack for piano & full ...

Moon Walk

ID: 51107
Dean Wagg / A delicate tranquil slow romantic piano & orchestral piece whi I have...

Love's Forever Kiss

ID: 51116
Dean Wagg / Delicate & ethereal this contemporary high-end production dramatic pie...

Silver Clouds

ID: 51161
Dean Wagg / Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic ...


ID: 51165
Dean Wagg / Romantic, lush & ethereal piano & orchestral composition. A lushly dra...

Glass Sky

ID: 51179
Dean Wagg / A delicate, gorgeous, luxurious dramatic piece featuring real grand pi...

Driving Forward

ID: 51186
Dean Wagg / Beautiful emotional dramatic piano & orchestra piece - sounds a little...

Innovation Inspiration

ID: 51199
Dean Wagg / A gorgeously lush romantic loving dramatic piece featuring real Grand ...

The Squeeze

ID: 51202
Dean Wagg / A delicate tranquil slow ambient romantic piano & orchestral piece. Mo...

Silver Rain

ID: 51209
Dean Wagg / Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic ...

Climb To The Clouds

ID: 51213
Dean Wagg / Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic ...


ID: 51225
Dean Wagg / Both delicate & epic, romantic & uplifting, beautiful & inspiring, thi...


ID: 51232
Dean Wagg / A piano & strings tribute to Adele's Rolling In The Deep in an orchest...

Love & Romance

ID: 51245
Dean Wagg / All about love - this contemporary high-end production dramatic piece,...

Thought Showers

ID: 51249
Dean Wagg / Delicately uplifting, calmly inspiring piece for piano & orchestra. Fe...

With Love

ID: 51253
Dean Wagg / Inspiring moving delicate piano composition, suitable for the most hea...

Thunder Comes

ID: 51265
Dean Wagg / My tribute to Hans Zimmers' monstrously threatening Gotham's Revenge f...

dark drifting

03:13 - ID: 20375
Andrew Aversa / Zoned-out, spacious downtempo electronica in the vein of Massive Attac...


04:24 - ID: 20383
Andrew Aversa / Upbeat, driving breaks/big beat in the vein of Moby, Fatboy Slim and t...

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Yann Keerim