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Heroes Of Anatolia (Ethnic Orchestral Heroic Dramatic Action Background)

Ethnic Middle Asian Turkish Orchestral instrumental music with epic features. Related as cinematic, dramatic, epic, patriotic, heroic, uplifting. Can be used for battle scenes, historical documentaries, movies, films, cultural events, travel media,

Dramatic Female Voice Film Score (Cinematic Emotional Epic Sad Background)

A Sad Requiem song with dramatic female choral voice.Emotional, lost, defeated and pessimistic. Touching melodies with a bass harmony. Ideal for after battle scenes or medieval age movies and video games.Similar to soundtrack of the movies and tv shows such as "Gladiator, Game of Thrones, The Lord o...

Arabian romantic Dance

A caravan going through the desert, or riding on camel back or horseback in the desert sun. This mid-tempo instrumental features both Eastern and Western instruments including Oud, Trumpets, Strings, and Middle-Eastern percussion instruments. The track could easily fit animation, as well as film.

Darkness Falls

Dark and menacing electronica with pulsing bass, trip hop drums and processed guitars. Great for crime, technology and horror. Available as an edit without vocals.

Nights In Bombay

by kubed
Sprightly and fun world, hip-hop fusion track. Very uplifting and sexy mood, combining elements from the middle east with modern percussive hip-hop beats. Definitely a track to cheer you up and spice up your productions with some indian flavor. It could work well in Bollywood scenes, reality shows.

Cinematic Trailer Impacts (Dubstep Intense Sweep Transitions Epic Blockbuster)

Dramatic Music, Patriotic Music, Heroic Music, Film Soundtrack, Cinematic Strings, Dramatic Soundtrack, Movie Theme, News Background Music, Epic Soundtrack, Movie Trailer, Cinematic Trailer.

Epic Cinematic Choral Short Trailer (Orchestral Choir Strings Blockbuster)

Dramatic orchestral hybrid soundtrack. Melodic staccato violin strings with brass and epic choral voice. Sweeping, adventruous, builds in intensity. Great for fantasy films and video games. Wonderment, excitement, reaching for the stars. Bright, lively, and beautiful. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, P...
Yann Keerim