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Emotional pop ballad with a romantic male vocal, warm keyboards, optimistic strings, piano and a modern beat. For fateful, romantic and dramatic scenes.

Dramatic Film Score Strings (Orchestral Background Soft Emotional)

Very soft long chord strings for dramatic scenes. Track conveys a sad feeling of being lost. Dynamic volume and tempo add to this dramatic effect. Very calm strings, combined with emotional and touching background choral vocals.Ideal for ending credits. Related as Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad ...

The Inspirational Horizon

Dramatic, monumental film score with an epic increase, hopeful strings, powerful brass and a modern beat. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

Just Love (Instrumental Version)

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

Just Love

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody and a dreamy female voice. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.


Futuristic, gentle breakbeat with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, Kalimbas and dubby voices in the background, modern sounds and a groovy beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

Forever Autumn

An ambient piano based track. Melancholy and spiritual, building up to the 55 second mark into a flowing lyrical melody. Great for documentary or time-lapse photography.

Breathe For Me

A slow moody and emotional piano gradually building to a climactic crescendo of distorted guitars and drums.

I Drift

An understated piece of music. Simple piano chords over an ambient background pad. Highly effective as a simple underscore for scenes of melancholy, romance, solitude, etc


A simple and effective ambient piece of music. Great for underscore and setting the mood. Lush pads underpinned by a solid bass and recurring guitar motif. Great for nature, documentary, optimism, solace. Covers many moods and applications.


A simple and effective ambient underscore featuring processed guitars and lush synth pads. A great mood setter. Suitable for nature,wide open spaces, documentary, optimism and solace.


Simple and effective mood setter featuring a repeating piano motif over an ambient bed. Perfect for documentary, personal achievement or melancholy scenes.

Beauty Of Sunrise

Dreamy, slightly melancholic-emotive ambient electro with smooth pads, airy synth melodies and an easy breakbeat. Great score for drama, suspense and sci-fi.

The Light Shines So Bright

Hypnotic ambient with atmospheric pads and melancholic guitar sounds. Perfect as background music!

Beautiful Life

Hopeful, smooth electro pop with beautiful angels choirs and orchestra. Poetic and majestically soundscape meets light electronic beats. Perfect for fantasy movies and animations.


by kubed
Beautiful, dramatic and emotional charged track combining electric guitars with strong drums, strings and dubstep bass-lines. The dark vocal fx on the bridge evoke sadness and lead to the final, dynamic chorus part. Great for dramatic film and tv scenes & trailers, commercials and reality tv.

The Windmill

by kubed
Piano track with a sad, elegant sound. The children's choir adds a dramatic, mournful touch to the track. It could work very well for dramatic, sad, reflective scenes. Filled with melancholy and sadness. Breaking up, losing a loved one, soap opera, dramatic scenes mourners at a wake. Medical drama

Emotional Dubstep

Inspirational Dubstep Mix with chamber strings and fat dubstep beats and synths. Give you a feeling of hope, dream and depature.
Yann Keerim