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Tango My Love

ID: 79918
Ferenc Hegedus / An elegant, poignant Tango with the flavour of old Europe, perhaps Ita...

The Godfathers Posse

ID: 79926
Ferenc Hegedus / A tense, pensive underscore for a dramatic scene with an Italian or Si...

Mafia Hit

ID: 79528
Ferenc Hegedus / A staccato and ominous / uneasy track with a traditional European flav...


ID: 79529
Ferenc Hegedus / A dramatic track with a European / French / Italian / Sicilian feel. A...

A Strong Future

ID: 69688
Dean Wagg / Modern electro dance pop with a hint of both ambient and trance music....

Love In The Summer

ID: 69715
Dean Wagg / Funky electro pop with a hint of dance/trance. Built around an irres...

We Go Again

03:25 - ID: 65077
Dean Wagg / We Go Again is modern electro music with a hint of mellow trance. Upli...

Mediterranean Tune

01:18 - ID: 53002
Fabrica / A nice mediterranean theme suitable for italian mafia-style movies , c...

Family Affair

ID: 19448
Erik Haddad / A film noir styled drama cue with an Italian influence. Starts suspici...

Hip Hop Mafioso

ID: 19467
Erik Haddad / A cool, gritty hip-hop/rap instrumental with unique orchestral elemen...

Mister Capone

01:47 - ID: 18250
Alex Khaskin / Track 5 Mister Capone Swing style spin off from mafia type Hollywood ...

The Spy Game

ID: 13762
Bjorn Lynne / Secret Agent or Spy Thriller material featuring funky riffs, horn sect...

tango siciliana

02:15 - ID: 20298
Dominik Hauser / an upbeat yet longing tango with an Italian feel. Featuring accordion,...

my beloved

02:22 - ID: 20299
Dominik Hauser / An intimate Italian love song featuring solo violin, mandolin, pizzica...

mafia revenge

02:28 - ID: 20300
Dominik Hauser / A dark and ominous orchestra tune with an Italian undertone; featuring...

family affairs

02:41 - ID: 20301
Dominik Hauser / An emotional mafia tune, featuring, mandolin, accordion, classical gui...

mafia waltz

02:05 - ID: 20302
Dominik Hauser / A driving waltz with a dark Italian undertone; featuring accordion, ma...

italian romance

02:14 - ID: 20303
Dominik Hauser / A romantic Italian love tune featuring solo violin, mandolin and guita...

italian shootout

02:37 - ID: 20304
Dominik Hauser / A dramatic, energetic tune with an Italian flavor; featuring mandolin,...

the godfathers war

02:20 - ID: 20305
Dominik Hauser / A driving action cue with an Italian flavor that builds in intensity. ...

the dons funeral

02:20 - ID: 20306
Dominik Hauser / A dark and sad processional with an Italian undertone. Featuring solo ...

the godfather calls

02:12 - ID: 20307
Dominik Hauser / An emotional Italian love song in the style of “the godfather...
Yann Keerim