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African Sky

Serene, meditative relaxing music with smooth electric guitar and touches of acoustic piano against a background of quiet percussion, pad and kalimba

African Dance

African drums and kalimba provide a rhythmical backdrop for this flowing track. A soprano sax dances around to help drive the piece forward with a subtle haste. Never too fast and never too dull, this upbeat and lively music creates a safari type atmosphere

Thumb Piano Weeps an Electric Tear

Electronic dance track based on recordings of an African thumb piano. The thumb piano has a delightfully pure sound. There are also synthesizers, drum machines and glitch sounds. This piece has a serious, spacious and technological feel to it. The melodies are underlined by interlocking repeating pa...

Lonely City Dwellers

This piece has a repeating electric piano sequence floating on a bed of synth drone sounds. There is a sparse drum machine rhythm, and a high synthesizer melody. The piece has a sense of progression and rising intensity, while remaining calm, until everything finally subsides. There is a sense of â...

Heart Poem

A melodic ambient piece with a pensive, melancholy or nostalgic feeling. It contains synthesized textures, African thumb piano, drum machine and other sounds. A repeating motif underlines throughout, while other melodies and textures create a feeling of meandering progression.

African Safari - 30 Seconds

“African Safari” features an enchanting flute lead over a bed of percussion, choir, and synth pads.

African Safari

“African Safari” features an enchanting flute lead over a bed of percussion, choir, and synth pads.

Give me a Smile

Fun and upbeat african pop track. Reminiscent of Paul Simon. Would work great for travel related advertising or island music.

World Turning

World sounding new age piece with tribal voices, light percussion, kalimba and pan flute

African Journey

A fantastic, festive and happy track with african voices, marimba, kalimba, double bass and latin and african percussion. A great track for any production where an ethnic and festive mood is required.

Chande For Our Kids

A fantastic track for kids, featuring Afro-Colombian rhythms and percussion. A beautiful ethnic track for children.

Latin Kids Party

A festive. optimistic, sweet and fun track featuring organ, bass, traditional Latin percussion, guitars and ukelele, as well as glockenspiel, celesta marimba and kalimba. A great track for any product for kids.
Yann Keerim