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Solving The Case - Intro

Classical intro expressing some disturbing tension. Usable in movies, films, scores, video games, cinematographic media, motion pictures. I'm using samples of english horn, contrabassoon, flute, pizzicato violin.

Classical Sound Wave - Intro

Nice classical intro, using viola, violin, glock, cello, english horn. Suitable as opener for various video or radio projects.

Crooked Corsair Inn

A somewhat celtic sounding folk dance tune. Reminescent of medieval ages / middle ages, perhaps a gathering at the local inn, or just the musical backdrop to a historical / fantasy world. Think "Ye Olde Barrel", old England, Ireland or Scotland. Could also be a Pirates' drinking song.

Ned of the Hill

A beautiful, sad and longing Irish air played by tin whistle and synth pad. "Ned of the Hill" is the English translation of the Irish title "Éamonn an Chnoic". This is a popular, slow and mornful ballad about an Irish aristocrate who lived in Tipperary and led a bandit gang who called for the o...

Peg Legs Jig

A happy and light hearted jig. Good for fantasy and adventure, history, perhaps celtic / medieval / middle ages or just as a classic adventure romp. Lively and swashbuckling, this track will go well with pirates or adventurous mischief, perhaps a party at the tavern, a celebration or party - or just...

Greensleeves (Arr F Hegedus)

A tasteful, acoustic rendition of this traditional Irish / Celtic / English folk song. Flute, harpsichord, classical guitar. A very emotive and poignant melody which stirs emotion of longing, beauty, love and melancholy. Often used in connection with weddings or journeys.

Or Perhaps - Loop

Classical loop with a naive feeling. Instruments used: staccato bass clarinet and english horn, oboe and castanets. Usable in video games, youtube, videos, advertising.

Most Propitious Moment - Loop

Spy movie like piece of classical / cinematic music, featuring bassoon, trombone, english horn (woodwinds, brass), cymbal, timpani, glock, woodblock, orchestral percussion.

Smooth Classical Intro

Short instrumental classical ident featuring a harp, a glock, pizzicato cello strings, english horn and vibes. Use this logo for openings or endings for scenes, film, youtube, apps and games and more.

Pizzicato Strings

Pizzicato strings, violins, violas and cellos, contrabass, doublebass, english horn and piccolo flute... it's a frenzy. Suitable for presentations, podcasts or youtube.

Every Now And Then

This is a short piano intro, kind of sad and melancholic. Suitable for various projects, romantic videos, youtube videos, trailers, film and television, soap operas.

Lifelong Dream

This is an instrumental track featuring a romantic piano, flute, bassoon, english horn, a pizzicato violin and a double bass. Suited for television, youtube projects or other applications.

Lifelong Dream - Loop 2

This is an instrumental loop featuring a romantic piano, flute, bassoon, english horn, a pizzicato violin and a double bass. Suited for television, youtube projects or other applications. This loop is based on my track "Lifelong Dream".
Yann Keerim