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Dramatic Dark Film Score (Emotional Sad Female Vocal & Orchestral Strings)

Emotional dramatic dark female voice blending with ambient pads. Melodic and reflective. Suitable for film soundtracks, cinematic trailers, movie themes and tv shows.

Circle Of Death (Emotional Sad Piano)

Very depressed emotinal requiem song with choral female soprano voice and piano melodies.Wind sound effect at the background.Very pessimistic and lost.Ideal for the requiem scenes.

Emotional Sad Cello & Piano

A very sad background music with female choir, piano, flute and reverbed solo cello. Very depressed melody stucture with beautiful harmony. The music that can make you cry. You'll be surrounded by sad emotions. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Emotional & Sad Piano (Background Instrumental Music)

Deliberately slowly paced and sad instrumental with piano, strings, drumbeats, and background choir. Conveys feelings of sadness, loss, hurt, grief, love, death and sorrow. Ends with a solo piano performance. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music


An emotional, haunting solo cello and poignant solo violin are accompanied by a light, ethereal acoustic piano to convey a sense of loss and sorrow. Evocative and touching.


Loss is a sad, mournful, minimal acoustic piano track accompanied by a haunting solo cello and warm, lush pads. The piece creates an atmosphere of loneliness and contemplation. It could be used to signify the breakup of a relationship or loss of a loved one.

Silent Nights

nspirational piano piece with an emotional melody. Placid and relaxed but with a slightly sad undertone.

Circles of Life

A warm, uplifting track that starts with a light piano and is then accompanied by lush strings and an emotional mellow french horn. Conveys hope and tenderness. great for use in trailers or as a soundtrack for poignant, heroic or moving scenes.

Prepare Your Last Game

Hopeful, inspirational film music with an touching piano melody, dramatic strings and brass, choir and a modern beat. Ideal for movies and drama.

Sad Intro - Piano

Rather sad piano intro for outro for movie scenes. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

Dramatic Emotional Film Score (Cinematic Innocent Uplifting Soundtrack)

Dramatic orchestral film score with choral female voice, celeste, electronic sounds and drums. Ideal for cinematic movies, documentaries, video games or movie trailers.

Emotional Choral Orchestral Film Score (Dramatic Movie Soundtrack)

An emotional cinematic music for dramatic movie scenes or film trailers. Powerful, heavy, intense, uplifting, escalating and soulful.

Sad Tv Promo Short

Sad piano intro for tv promos, scene transitions in movies, some documentaries.

Cinematic Emotional Choral Film Score (Dramatic Sad Piano Strings Music Box)

An emotional film score with solo cello, piano, choir and clarinet. Dramatic, sad, sentimental and dark. Ideal for cinematic movies, films, documentaries or video games.

Emotional Film Score (Dramatic Orchestral Sad Piano Cinematic Strings)

An emotional film score with solo cello, piano, choir and clarinet. Dramatic, sad, sentimental and dark. Ideal for cinematic movies, films, documentaries or video games.

When You Return (instrum)

Instrumental version of a truly emotional song, with a sparse and yet very intense arrangement. Just ukulele, piano and cello. Lead melody is played by accordion. Intense, deep and yet simple. Check out the "no lead" version and the vocal version, with a memorable melody and touching lyrics.
Yann Keerim