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A Strong Team

Positive corporate track with an electric guitar theme, piano and staccato strings. Perfect song for image videos, slideshows, financial themes and much more. This piece stays for teamwork, success, straightness and professionalism.

Smart Business

A clean and fresh background track with electric guitar, electric piano and bells. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects.

396 Epic Love

This orchestral piece gets the dramatic energy and tender of an epic love. Strings and brasses get the strength to lead to a very effective, and a bit sad and dramatic end.

Rainbow Dancing

Light and rhythmic lounge music. Instruments: synth poly, synth lead, synth pad, synth bass, electronic drums. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, website background music and flash projects.

I Drift

An understated piece of music. Simple piano chords over an ambient background pad. Highly effective as a simple underscore for scenes of melancholy, romance, solitude, etc


A simple and effective ambient piece of music. Great for underscore and setting the mood. Lush pads underpinned by a solid bass and recurring guitar motif. Great for nature, documentary, optimism, solace. Covers many moods and applications.


A simple and effective ambient underscore featuring processed guitars and lush synth pads. A great mood setter. Suitable for nature,wide open spaces, documentary, optimism and solace.


Simple and effective mood setter featuring a repeating piano motif over an ambient bed. Perfect for documentary, personal achievement or melancholy scenes.

Let's Tango

Original tango style track which combines creatively the eastern harmonies with the western music genres. Strong, dynamic, passionate and groovy. It has real accordion recording, an effective drum beat, bass and strings by the grand finale. It can be used in any tango dancing scene.

Happy Corporate Commercial

A positive upbeat 30-second track with guitar with a good mood great for infusing a little bit of happiness.

Deep Punchy Breakbeat

A punchy stylish drum n bass influenced breakbeat track with high energy with stylish drums and rocky bass.

Stylish Breakbeat Commercial

A punchy 1-mintue stylish breakbeat track with high energy with stylish drums and boomy bass.

Hip Hop Lounge

A traditional mellow yet moving lounge tune with a mix of hip hop styled drums and bass.

Great Day

A upbeat positive and motivational track with big drums, rocky guitar and nice pumpy smooth bass.

Construction Commercial

A construction-themed influenced commercial music track with construction themed sounds such as the hammer and drill around the song to create a construction atmosphere theme.

Positive Days Commercial

a positive 30-second techno-corporate with guitar inspired track great for all your corporate needs.

Funky Commercial

A funky 30-second commercial tune with clean guitar and rhodes to provide a a swingy groove feeling.

Rock Commercial

A great upbeat and energetic rocky commercial track lasting 30 seconds. Strong and effective to bring excitement for your project.
Yann Keerim