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Major Key Good Mood Intro

Cheerful optimistic classical intro where i used samples of cello, double bass, contrabass, viola and violins. Suitable for radio shows openings, games intros, opener / audio logo for various media projects.

Play Of The Bassoons - Intro

Classical short intro usable in movies (comedy more likely) and even in some games. I used samples of bassoon and contrabassoon. This music expresses the feeling of being intrigued and it has a slightly comical vibe to it.

Heading For Action - Opening

Stirring piece of classical music usable as an intro / beginner in movies, films, scenes. I used samples of french horns, double bass, contrabass, strings ensemble, timpani hits, taiko drums, viennese cymbal and snare.

Big Orchestral Opening

Disturbing strings opener with strings. I used samples of strins, violin, contrabass, zildjian crash and timpani. Useful in movie scenes, film trailers or such.

Solving The Case - Intro

Classical intro expressing some disturbing tension. Usable in movies, films, scores, video games, cinematographic media, motion pictures. I'm using samples of english horn, contrabassoon, flute, pizzicato violin.

Jazz Life

Swinging music track recorded with piano and upright bass. Walking bass and improvised piano melodies. Cool, smooth, chilled

Woodwinds Intro

Classical intro with a touch of playfulness and perhaps a little silly, featuring clarinet, flute, contrabassoon, castanets, a sparkling sound in the beginning and roto toms. You can use it for video productions, film, movies, broadcasts, radio openers and other.

Origin - Loop 1

Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentations, movies and television. The loop is based on my track "Origin".


Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentations, movies and television.

Strings Attached - Loop

Loop with pizzicato strings: viola, violin, double bass and contrabass. plus a xylophone in the second half. Suitable for various media applications, different projects, youtube, presentations.

Pizzicato Strings - Loop 1

Pizzicato strings, violas and cellos, contrabass... it's a frenzy. Suitable for presentations, podcasts or youtube. The loop is based on my track "Pizzicato Strings".

Pizzicato Strings

Pizzicato strings, violins, violas and cellos, contrabass, doublebass, english horn and piccolo flute... it's a frenzy. Suitable for presentations, podcasts or youtube.

Classical Intro

Simple classical short intro using cello, contrabass, viola, glock, timpani and violin. Applicable in various projects, for cinema / soundtrack, games or tv.

Playful Situation

This is a classical track, kind of playful and jolly, suitable for ads, advertising, youtube videos, products presentation and other media.

An Ant House

Light instrumental music with pizzicato contrabass, violin and percussions. Pizzicato contrabass with percussions accompaniment. Pizzicato violin is added in the middle of the track. Light, Cartoonish, fairy-tale, gentle and fun.

A Bumper Crop

Light acoustic instrumental music with piano, violin, guitar, contrabass, strings and percussions. Gentle main melody is played by piano and violin with guitar strum and percussions, and strings are added later for more background.

Good Old Times

Cool piano and contrabass duet music track. This jazz music will be great for ambient, background music. Easy listening and medium tempo with a positive, happy mood and a Duke Ellington ending


Instrumental ballad recorded with piano, flugelhorn, sax, contrabass and drums. This music is very calm, soft and easy listening, with beautiful instrumental melodies
Yann Keerim