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Dystopia Redemption

02:39 - ID: 59582
Sean Archibald / Soaring melodies and emotional chord progressions over an exciting dru...

Dystopia Warfare

02:22 - ID: 59592
Sean Archibald / Frantic drum & bass with a moody, angry and downright aggressive feel....

Dystopia Atmosphere

01:32 - ID: 59593
Sean Archibald / An ambient, orchestral piece featuring added synthesizers and electron...


01:07 - ID: 59566
Rafael Krux / Track made in cinematic trailer style with powerful epic orchestra,dru...

Raise Your Sword

00:48 - ID: 59567
Rafael Krux / A powerful trailer track mad with epic orchestra, epic drums and epic ...

Thrilling And Urgent

ID: 59572
Junhak Lee / Cinematic instrumental music with synth, piano, pad, bass and drum. Dr...

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Great Sacrifices (Sad Requiem Song)

03:10 - ID: 59538
Ramazan Yuksel / Very sad requiem soundtrack with female choral voice. Pessimistic and ...

Battle With Dragons (Cinematic Choral Epic Action)

03:02 - ID: 59539
Ramazan Yuksel / Orchestral music for battle scenes, pirate ships and buccanners, Game ...

Epic Tension Action (Uplifting Film Score)

03:01 - ID: 59540
Ramazan Yuksel / Lively and bright orchestral tension track with pizzicato and staccato...

Enormous Battle (Dramatic Epic Soundtrack)

03:22 - ID: 59541
Ramazan Yuksel / Epic orchestral and heroic track, very useful for battle and war scene...

Mysterious & Emotional (Dramatic Film Score)

01:23 - ID: 59542
Ramazan Yuksel / Track with mysterious and mystical appeal for film and television dra...

Dramatic Epic Emotional (Motivational & Uplifting)

03:53 - ID: 59543
Ramazan Yuksel / Orchestral music with new age flair. Sweet and mellow orchestral openi...

First Debate (Epic Orchestral Tension)

02:00 - ID: 59544
Ramazan Yuksel / Intense, tension filled track conveys high energy. Introduction to new...

Epic Cinematic Action War Percussion - Big Powerful Drums

01:23 - ID: 59552
Aquilo / Orchestral and ethnic (African / Japanese) drums in a big, epic mix fo...

Emotional Moment (60-secs Version)

01:04 - ID: 59553
Lucid Dream Music / this is a 60sec version of Emotional Moment. Beautiful and emotional c...

Dramatic Epic Trailer Music (Intense Cinematic Uplifting)

03:08 - ID: 59507
Ramazan Yuksel / Begins with hollywood-styled sad female choral voice. Many sound fx an...

Epic Trailer Music (Cinematic Dark Uplifting)

03:13 - ID: 59508
Ramazan Yuksel / An intense orchestral action trailer song with epic choir and strings....

Uplifting Horror Trailer Music ( Epic Action Drums)

00:50 - ID: 59509
Ramazan Yuksel / An uplifting scary trailer song for horror trailers. It has feeling of...

Dramatic Epic Choral Action (Uplifting Trailer Music)

01:55 - ID: 59510
Ramazan Yuksel / A Cinematic Intense Epic Trailer Music with choir, brass, strings, dra...

Streets Of Middle East (Ethnic Action Music)

01:13 - ID: 59511
Ramazan Yuksel / An ethnic action song for especially street chasing and fast moving sc...

Cinematic Movie Trailer (Epic Hybrid Action)

01:16 - ID: 59512
Ramazan Yuksel / Begins with a reverbed vocal scream, while explosive impacts are dropp...

Climatic Uplifting Action (Epic Chasing Score)

01:32 - ID: 59513
Ramazan Yuksel / An ethnic action trailer song with orchestral instruments such as enig...

Dramatic Film Strings (Cinematic Movie Soundtrack)

01:23 - ID: 59514
Ramazan Yuksel / Very soft long chord strings for dramatic scenes. Track conveys a sad ...

Dramatic Epic Action (Ethnic Middle Eastern)

02:19 - ID: 59515
Ramazan Yuksel / An ethnic trailer track with oud, Bulgarian vocals, brass, epic horns ...

Al Andalus (Dramatic Glorious Soundtrack)

01:03 - ID: 59516
Ramazan Yuksel / Spanish ethnic music with orchestral instruments such as flute, brass...

Emotional & Sad Piano (Background Instrumental Music)

03:24 - ID: 59517
Ramazan Yuksel / Deliberately slowly paced and sad instrumental with piano, strings, dr...

Classy & Elegant (Corporate Music)

00:58 - ID: 59518
Ramazan Yuksel / A guitar song for advertising products. It has 2 guitars, electro and ...

Choral Dramatic Uplifting Action (Epic Movie Trailer)

02:22 - ID: 59519
Ramazan Yuksel / Epic trailer track with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic voi...

Optimistic & Positive (Happy Corporate Music)

02:33 - ID: 59520
Ramazan Yuksel / Corporate acoustic pop music track with human whistle sound and acoust...

Xtra-Suspicious (Hiphop Rap Beat)

03:21 - ID: 59521
Ramazan Yuksel / Unusual and aggressive track, with a medium beat containing punchy kic...

Tenebris Imperium (Dramatic Epic Dark Soundtrack)

02:14 - ID: 59522
Ramazan Yuksel / Epic and rousing instrumental track, conveys the sense of carrying in ...

Uplifting Choral Movie Trailer (Heroic Epic Glorifying)

01:29 - ID: 59523
Ramazan Yuksel / Intense movie trailer track with staccato viola strings ensemble. Buil...

End Credist (Dramatic Film Strings)

03:00 - ID: 59524
Ramazan Yuksel / Track suitable for end credits or dramatic scenes in movies and televi...

Dramatic Strings Score (Dreamy Ethereal Soundtrack)

01:38 - ID: 59526
Ramazan Yuksel / A fantasy soundtrack for movies, documentaries, video games and tv sho...

Sunset (Climatic Environment Ambient Music)

02:39 - ID: 59527
Ramazan Yuksel / Very calm ambient music with delayed harp and synthisezer. It\'s perfe...

Dreamy Emotional (Background Ambient Music)

05:04 - ID: 59528
Ramazan Yuksel / Very deep dreaming type ambient music. Otherworldly, abstract sounding...

Atmospheric Spacy Ambient (Background Music)

03:03 - ID: 59529
Ramazan Yuksel / Spacey sounding and deep ambient music for dramatic projects and video...

Brave and Fearless (60-secs Version)

00:59 - ID: 59500
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Brave and Fearless. Glorious and triumphant...

Determined To Succeed (30-secs Version)

00:29 - ID: 59502
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 30sec version of Determined To Succeed. Contemporary cinemat...

Determined To Succeed (Loop 01)

00:25 - ID: 59503
Lucid Dream Music / This is a loop version of Determined To Succeed. Contemporary cinemati...

Determined To Succeed (Loop 02)

00:25 - ID: 59504
Lucid Dream Music / This is a loop version of Determined To Succeed. Contemporary cinemati...

Determined To Succeed (60-secs Version)

01:07 - ID: 59505
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Determined To Succeed. Contemporary cinemat...

Determined To Succeed (Loop 03)

00:25 - ID: 59506
Lucid Dream Music / This is a loop version of Determined To Succeed. Contemporary cinemati...

Time To Shine

02:19 - ID: 59467
Lucid Dream Music / Modern cinematic music piece with an inspirational and motivational vi...

Uplifting Inspiration

02:42 - ID: 59470
Lucid Dream Music / Inspirational, uplifting and emotional cinematic music piece featurin...

Wonderful World

02:55 - ID: 59471
Lucid Dream Music / Inspirational and Uplifting music track featuring piano, full orchestr...

Action Drama Trailer

01:33 - ID: 59473
Lucid Dream Music / This is a very intense epic cinematic composition with a lot of drama,...


01:52 - ID: 59483
Lucid Dream Music / Emotional and thoughtful track which evokes many feelings, like melanc...


02:33 - ID: 59452
Lucid Dream Music / Inspiring, imaginative and reflective music track with a dreamy touch....

Suspense Intro

00:06 - ID: 59461
Andrei Vladulescu / Dramatic and suspenseful intro for suitable scenes. For use in youtube...

Cello Intro

00:08 - ID: 59463
Andrei Vladulescu / This is a happy classical logo featuring cellos a triangle and a glock...

Pizzicato Strings - Loop 1

00:16 - ID: 59446
Andrei Vladulescu / Pizzicato strings, violas and cellos, contrabass... it\'s a frenzy. Su...
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