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Majestic (60-secs Version)

This is a 60sec version of Majestic. Inspiring, imaginative and reflective music track with a dreamy touch. Emotional and creative composition with a sense of wonder and yearning. Peaceful, soft and calm music that is perfect as a background music for films, trailers, documentaries and much more. Th...

Across the Life (Dramatic Film Soundtrack)

A sad melodic track with many orchestral instruments such as violins, choir, cellos, ethnic flute, clarinet, obua and deep boom. It's half hollywood styled and half ethnic dramatic soundtrack. Terrific for desert scenes, Lawrence of Arabia type stories, and science fiction.Ideal for ending credits.I...

Dramatic Epic Movie Soundtrack

A dramatic epic music with orchestral instruments such as brass, strings, percussions and choir. Conveys a sense of heroism or the beginning of a long adventure or quest. Emotional, stirring, powerful. Beautiful atmospheric background vocals add to the important feelng of the music. Instrumental, Ac...

Bring Me The Past (Dramatic Emotional Piano)

Dramatic, melodic structure with choir, clarinet, obua, strings, and piano. A lot of orchestral instruments coming together in this track. Nostalgic, reflective, and introspective. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Romantic Music

Once Upon A Time (Emotional Movie Soundtrack)

An orchestral sad, nostalgic soundtrack. Dramatic and melodic structure with soft legato women choir. Reverbed solo violin with harps conveys the melodies to the high octaves. Edgy and pusy. Resistance for a divine purpose. The wishes can't come true. Passionate for something impossible or very hard...

Stronger Than Life (Dramatic Choral Trailer Music)

An intense trailer song with women choir.Dramatic epic uplifting structure. Simple and loopable. Edgy and pushy choral female voice supported by dramatic piano chords.

Emotional Violin And Piano (Dramatic Soundtrack)

Very sad orchestral song with solo violin, female choral voice and piano. Calm, pessimistic, passionate, hurt and grief. Delayed hits remind the past dreamy memories. It still has a litle hope in it. Telling a sad story for the background. Depressive and heartbreaking in some point. Instrumental, Dr...

Emotional Female Choral Voice Soundtrack

A very sad soundtrack with melodic structure. Glissandi solo violin and choral solo female voice supported by reverbed piano. Very dreamy and surreal. So pessimistic and dark yet so hurt. Depressive melody carries the hope far away. Imagine something impossible and feel sorry about it.

Strings Attached - Loop

Loop with pizzicato strings: viola, violin, double bass and contrabass. plus a xylophone in the second half. Suitable for various media applications, different projects, youtube, presentations.

Dystopia Redemption

Soaring melodies and emotional chord progressions over an exciting drum & bass beat. This piece contains orchestra, synthesizers, electronic percussion and tuned metal percussion. There is a sense of thundering triumph, mission complete, or finality. The piece crescendos to its high point, then when...

Dystopia Warfare

Frantic drum & bass with a moody, angry and downright aggressive feel. Ultra low and distorted bass gives weight underneath fast and thundering breakbeats. There is an atmospheric, cinematic backing to the piece which lends a feel of epic-ness.

Dystopia Atmosphere

An ambient, orchestral piece featuring added synthesizers and electronic effects. The mood is disturbed, dark and morose. Echoes create a sense of huge space. This piece paints a picture of foreboding, tension or impending horror.


Track made in cinematic trailer style with powerful epic orchestra,drums and choir.

Raise Your Sword

A powerful trailer track mad with epic orchestra, epic drums and epic choir.

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Thrilling And Urgent

Cinematic instrumental music with synth, piano, pad, bass and drum. Dramatic sound of pad, piano and synth with drum make tense and dynamic mood.

Great Sacrifices (Sad Requiem Song)

Very sad requiem soundtrack with female choral voice. Pessimistic and defeated, yet beautiful and emotionally touching. Orchestral instruments include string ensemble, piano, bass and flute. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Epic Tension Action (Uplifting Film Score)

Lively and bright orchestral tension track with pizzicato and staccato strings. There some hiphop drums too, to add to the uptempo beat. Intense and determined, yet lighthearted and fun. Ideal for infomercials, adventurous dark comedy projects, video games, sports. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Hear...

Enormous Battle (Dramatic Epic Soundtrack)

Epic orchestral and heroic track, very useful for battle and war scenes. Hollywood production style unique melodies and harmonies. Emotional, escalating, gritty, beautifully grand. Also great for role playing and mideval video games. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Regal Music

Mysterious & Emotional (Dramatic Film Score)

Track with mysterious and mystical appeal for film and television dramatic and science fiction projects. It's similar to music from the movie "Butterfly Effect." It begins with a choral female voice, followed by soft and lovely piano keys and an orchestral strings ensemble. Instrumental, Dramatic M...

Dramatic Epic Emotional (Motivational & Uplifting)

Orchestral music with new age flair. Sweet and mellow orchestral opening, builds in intensity at the 1 minute mark, mostly stable with the same melodies. Dramatic violin melody with staccato strings harmonies. Soft at the begining, hard at the ending, intelligent and emotional. Instrumental, Dramati...

First Debate (Epic Orchestral Tension)

Intense, tension filled track conveys high energy. Introduction to news and investigative reports type programs, politically charged "shock" projects and documentaries. Edgy, angry, suspenseful. Includes Orchestral instruments such as strings ensemble and drums, and a background choir. Instrumental,...
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