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Old Piano Melodies

Old school piano music, jazzy and playful. This music is graceful and rhythmic with cool piano melodies. Traditional jazz music track with conclusive ending

Playful Jazzy Piano

Rhythmic Jazzy Piano. Traditional jazz, old jazz, swinging piano. This music is graceful and bouncy with improvised piano melodies

Soft Night

Relaxed ambient music recorded with piano trio. Slow groove and laid back melodies. This music will fit great for smooth situations and sensual, searching, suspense moments too

A Happy Day

Positive piano music track. This jazzy and playful music is rhythmic and optimistic and will fit well for background and ambient music.

Soft Piano Melodies

Slow and soft piano music track. This music will fit well for tender situations and backround, ambient music too

Watching Stars

Slow ballad featuring piano and trumpet. Trumpet mute give an intimate atmosphere. This tender and sensitive acoustic music track will fit well for ambient music

Tender Smile

Background piano music, tender and lovely. Sweet melodies and hopeful feeling

You and the Moon

Reflective piano music, slow, soft and warm. This piano ballad will fit well in sensitive projects

A Peaceful Moment

Gentle piano music. Soft and reflective recorded with warm acoustic sound. Tender music with a sad feeling

Don't stop Moving

Retro, old jazzy piano music track. Old style piano playing, very rhythmic and graceful. Happy and motivated

Fast Jazzy Piano II

Motivated piano music, great for positive projects. Jazzy melodies, playful, joyful music

Easy Jazzy Piano

Medium tempo jazzy piano track. Happy and cool this music will be great for positive background music.

Walking Around

Jazzy piano music with traditonal and old mood. Medium tempo, playful and positive

Rainy Seashore

A tranquil, introspective and peaceful track, featuring keyboard pads, synths and acoustic guitar. It's a good background instrumental for TV, documentaries, or any scenes needing music with a calm, reflective and dreamy feel.

A Beautiful Life

Celebrating good times with family and friends, of hitting the open road on a beautiful day or maybe The joy at the end of a long journey, or a simple romantic walk on the beach This folksy sounding track features 3 nice guitars/ukulele in a upbeat fingerpicked style Upbeat and simple. Great backin...

Summer Sun (All edits)

Midtempo pop instrumental, with acoustic guitar, piano, in your face brass rips, synths and bouncy drums. Has a slight hip hop and reggae influence, and a carefree vibe. Would fit nicely in outdoor scenes, on a beach, or in a sunny place, where people are having fun or playing sports.

Form And Function

Form and Function is an extremely versatile track. A beautiful "form" - made of very inspiring melodies and sounds - provides a variety of "functions" - demo videos, presentations, documentaries, advertising, youtube videos ... the range of possible uses of this track is virtually unlimited. It star...

Valentine In Paris

This is the ultimate romantic track. It features a stunningly beautiful melody played by an acoustic piano. As the song progresses, bass, strings and other sounds deliver a very evocative / cinematic arrangement, perfect for any video or media production in which a sentimental / nostalgic feeling ne...


An upbeat acoustic instrumental piece ideal for corporate videos with an uplifting or motivational message. Starting with a strumming acoustic guitar, the track builds through the addition of drums and electric guitar to a rousing and positive-sounding finale.
Yann Keerim