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Slightly Oriental Logo

Slightly oriental logo for use as opening for videos or in tv. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Suspecting Danger - Piano Loop

Piano loop expressing some tension. Usable in movies, film, documentaries, videos. Feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Sensing Something - Loop

Something is about to happen. Tension in the air. It's getting closer. Loopable electronic music clip, usable in movies, film, documentaries.

Private Little Feelings - Game Intro

Introduction music for retro video games. It's cute and sweet. I used synths and pad. feel free to also check out my other stuff.

Happy 8-bit Ending

Short happy ending retro arcade style. Usable in video games. Feel free to also check out other of my stuff.

My Little Modem - Game Music

Cute childish electronic music that can be used as in cue in video games. It's fun and a little sad.

Suspenseful Stinger Short

Short musical phrase, kind of suspenseful and mysterious, usable in movies, scenes transitions.

Weird Simplistic Game Intro

Weird sounding introduction music for video games. For silly video games, that is, since this music sounds kinda silly...And it's simplistic.

Open Frequencies - Loop

Looped music with a cool bass riff. Usable in documentaries, tutorials and some presentations. It's catchy and confident.

Mysterious Classical Loop

Classical instruments looping music with a mystery vibe. I used flute, tuba, harp and vibe.

Everything Clear - Loop

Short piano and harp loop, peaceful and bucolic. A little playful, it can be used in movie scenes, documentaries and some video games.

Busy Guy - Loop

Piano and bassoon loop for movie scenes, depicting someone busy, with a lot of activity, or preparing intensely for something - although it's a fun vibe, not a feeling of being stressed out.

Delightful Little Thought - Loop

Short piano loop for movie scenes where someones thinks of something clever or has a little bright idea. Usable in film, documentaries.

You Happened To Me

Piano short piece, romantic and lighthearted. Usable in movie scenes and some documentaries.

Romantic Happy Accordion - Intro

Short intro using accordion, expressing a feeling of happiness and something romantic. usable in movies, film scenes and some video games.

Bare-naked Guitar Opener

Short electric guitar opening for movie scenes, or to serve as a theme or in-between in sitcoms or tv series.

Not Losing My Temper - Intro

Short acoustic upright bass intro (2 basses) suitable as opener for film scenes or documentaries.

Unrecognised - Loop

French horn, trombone and strings in this classical instruments loop. Usable in movies and documentaries, it expresses some danger mixed with some feeling of having it all under control.

Breakup Story - Ending

Ending piano for movies, film or documentaries. It's got a sad and melancholic mood.

Heartwarming Piano Logo

Short piano intro for movies or film scenes. It's romantic and warm. Feel free to also check my other stuff.

Reading From The Heart - Intro

Short piano opening for movie scenes or film or some documentaries. It's both romantic and sad. Feel free to check out my other piano intros too.
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